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  • CAI Technologies

  • Supplier of water pollution control technologies & groundwater remediation systems. Purchase water treatment equipment online.

  • Applied Environmental Research entre Ltd

  • UK-based environmental consultancy with highly qualified and experienced scientists, engineers and planners. Offer services in waste management, pollution prevention and control, risk assessment, hydrology, ecology, earth sciences, contaminated land, planning, environmental impact assessment, contract environmental research, field monitoring (nationwide) and wide ranging laboratory services.

  • Baycor Fibre Tech Inc.

  • BAYCOR FIBRE TECH INC. provides cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of solids/liquids separation applications. We manufacture the best and most versatile drum screen in the world for the following industries, Municipal, Pulp and Paper, Food, Mining, Sugar and a multitude of others.

  • Bow River Basin Council

  • he Bow River Basin Council (BRBC) is a multistakeholder, charitable organization dedicated to conducting activities for the improvement and protection of the waters of the Bow River Basin, considering: * riparian zones * aquatic ecosystems * quality and quantity of water, and * effects of land use on surface and groundwater.

  • M.J.S water engineers. contact Michael Strong C.Eng M.I.C.E


  • European Aquatic Modelling Network

  • Project, publication and information site of the COST action 626 European Science Foundation sponsored project, a.k.a. European Aquatic Modelling Network. Read ideas of European scientists working with aquatic habitat modelling, related hydraulic modelling and data collection.

  • Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council

  • The primary functions of G/FLRPC include Local, Regional and Water Resources Planning, Regional Economic Development, Strategic Planning, Program and Grant Development, Surveys, and Data, Technology, and Resource Center.

  • Halcrow Water Services

  • Halcrow Water Services Ltd (HWS) is a joint venture company established in 1995 by the Halcrow Group Ltd and swan group plc, the parent company of Mid Kent Water. Based near Maidstone in Kent, England, it has been set up as a centre of knowledge, capability and experience in design, management and operations of water infrastructure and has ready access to management, operations and services of the joint venture partners. Within our senior management team and staff, there is substantial water engineering experience gained in many fields both in the UK and overseas including utilities, contracting and consultancy. This can be complemented with staff from the joint venture partners. HWS provide clients with a comprehensive service and the principal areas of capability include: Water Distribution Networks Water Treatment Water Infrastructure for Developers Telemetry and SCADA Systems Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation Management Services Leakage / NRW Reduction 3-D Visualisation

  • HOH-USA & Carib Ltd.

  • Containerized seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants with industry low energy consumption.

  • The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

  • The Centre is a registered non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the conservation and wise stewardship of Lake Huron’s coastal environment. The Centre’s four priorities include Water Quality, Biodiversity, Coastal Processes and Climate Change. The Centre implements its mandate through five program areas: Education, Research, Community Stewardship, Technical Services and Basin (whole lake) Management Planning.

  • Fluid flow calculations and equations

  • Flow in pipes, open channels, hydrology, groundwater. Liquid, gas, water, air. Venturi, nozzle, orifice flowmeters. Weirs, flumes. Pipe networks, water hammer. Bernoulli, Manning, Moody. Culvert design, inverted siphon. Pressure, flow, discharge, sizing. Tank volume, unit conversions.

  • Muskegon River Watershed Assembly (MRWA)

  • The mission of the MRWA is to preserve, protect and enhance the natural, historic and cultural resources of the Muskegon River Watershed through educational and scientific initiatives, while supporting positive economic development, agricultural and quality of life initiatives of organizations working in the river watershed.

  • Abode Water Filters

  • Offers a large selection of affordable, effective water filters including countertop, undersink, refrigerator, fluoride, ceramic, reverse osmosis, whole house, shower, faucet-mount, and pitcher water filters as well as filtering water coolers and water softeners.

  • Rivers Unlimited

  • Rivers Unlimited is the Ohio statewide group created by citizens to protect and restore our rivers. We’re the oldest in the nation, founded in 1972. We work to restore, maintain and improve the 61,000 miles of rivers and streams in the state. The condition of our river waters and corridors affects our economy, our health, our environment, our quality of life, the value of our property and the sustainability of our communities. Protected natural rivers are vital to all of us. We will work with you to investigate, research, and collaborate on ways to support and care for the river in your community.

  • SunPumps Inc.

  • SunPumps is a leading manufacturer of high quality Solar Powered Water Pumping equipment, including submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, triplex piston booster pumps and retrofit kits for jack pumps. SunPumps is also a leading producer of electronic DC motor controls, specializing in Micro-Processor based pump controllers for brush-type and brushless DC motors. SunPumps offers a complete line of Solar Water Pumping Equipment, pump accessories, solar panels and support structures. Free design assistance for new pumping systems as well as technical support on existing Solar Pumping systems is only part of the quality service offered by SunPumps. SunPumps is a SolarJack service center with a complete parts inventory for all SolarJack products. 325 E. Main Street Safford,Arizona 85546 Phone 928 348-9652 Fax (928) 348-9653 1-800-370-8115

  • The Tennessee Clean Water Network

  • Mission statement: TCWN is dedicated solely to protecting, restoring and enhancing Tennessee’s waters and the communities that depend on them. Statement of Principles: We believe that water is the common thread that ties all life together. We believe that maintaining clean water protects the health of our families and provides numerous recreational opportunities while sustaining plants, animals, and aquatic life. We believe that Tennessee's waters are among our most precious natural resources. Since these resources continue to be polluted by toxic and other pollutants from industry, sewage plants, runoff, and other sources, critical aquatic ecosystems will continue to be lost or degraded, and the health of our children and our ecosystems remain threatened. TCWN will work to protect the water resources of Tennessee.

  • Water Resource Management

  • The site is disseminating information on water: technologies , case studies, issues, standards, acts & laws, references(web links, literature & audio visuals) and general information. Various services are provided to the visitors like answering the queries, providing more informations etc. related to subject area.

  • University of Delaware, Water Resources Agency

  • The mission of the Water Resources Agency at the University of Delaware, Institute for Public Administration is to provide technical assistance for water resources and watershed policy and to governments in Delaware and the Delaware Valley through the University's public service, education, and research role.

  • Swampy's Wetland Web Site

  • A fun look at wetlands and watersheds looking at the S.oils, W.ater,A.nimals,M.ankind/uses,P.lants and Y.ou!! - specifically how you are interested and involved! "Bringing the wetlands to the people"(thru SWAMPYshows) Bringing the people to the wetlands"(via the Web)

  • EA2-Evansville Water Web Site

  • Evansville Water Utility; learn about water quality, the facility, research, education programs, conservation, history and what's new.

  • Oceans and Coastal Resources: A Briefing Book

  • Resources compiled by Congressional Research Service (U.S.). Web site maintained by Center for the National Institute for the Environment. Topics include marine fisheries, the Law of the Sea, coastal wetlands and estuaries, seabed mineral resources, and dolphin protection.

  • Mike Walter's Wetlands Page

  • Annotated links to wetlands-related sites, especially those with an Indiana focus.

  • Rivers of Life

  • Educational materials for K-12 teachers and students exploring the artistic, historical, and ecological importance of rivers. Includes the Mississippi Adventure (a study of the nation's largest river system) and the Watershed Atlas Project (encouraging students to gain an intimate knowledge of their local watershed).

  • Sewage World

  • Wastewater and water treatment plants around the world: virtual visit and industrial flowcharts

  • The Integrated Pond

  • Publication describes how to design stormwater retention and detention ponds to provide attractive community space. Includes case studies and references.

  • The Groundwater Foundation

  • Dedicated to the education about and preservation of our most important natural resource.

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