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  • Environment Friendly Real Estate Australia - free listings - for sale by owner or agent

  • Free for sale by owner (FSBO) or agent service for environment friendly real estate in Australia. Alternative technology and organic features.

  • Kevin Klein, Professor of Economics

  • This web site is the home page of Dr. Kevin Klein, Professor of Economics, Illinois College, Jacksonville, Illinois, USA. Contained within this site is a link to his environmental economics course (My Classes). Within that link are numerous links to other web sites of interest to students of environmental economics.

  • The Environmental Valuation & Cost-Benefit Website

  • Assists visitors in evaluating the costs and benefits of environmental hazards, real estate development projects and government policies. Provides tools and links to quantify environmental values, amenities, disamenities and damages

  • International Society for Ecological Economics

  • The International Society for Ecological Economics brings together the disciplines required to address the most pressing environmental problems.

  • Activity-Based Management and Strategic Risk Management

  • Here aspects of modern management and leadership practices are presented, focusing mainly on: 1) Expand the outlook from hindsight to foresight and to include the entire life-cycle when desirable, 2) Organize management around processes and activities, 3) Understand the nature of knowledgee, 4) Manage risk and analyze uncertainty realistically and 5) Expand the measurement dimensions from economic- and non-economic measures to also include environmental measures.

  • Renewable & Clean Energy Systems

  • Novalogics Integrated is a power systems developer and service company that provides efficient and clean power generation solutions for the industry. Our solutions provide clients wider choice and ability to control and manage their power requirement using the latest systems available in the market.

  • The Sahara Supposition

  • Popular Cult Figured Political Site that shows a Proposal to Terraform the Sahara Desert; to reclaim it and turn it into a New Rainforest and a New Ocean of fresh-water, a New Global Environment.

  • Environment Department, University of York

  • The Environment Department at York includes ecology and environmental science as well as environmental economics.

  • National Center for Environmental Economics, US EPA

  • NCEE in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency analyzes relationships between the economy, environmental health, and environmental pollution control. This includes: Economic benefits and costs Economic incentives Size, composition, and effects of the pollution control industry Risk assessment data used in economic analyses NCEE also serves as a central point of contact for communicating and resolving cross-cutting technical economic issues.

  • European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

  • EAERE is an international scientific association in the field of environmental and natural resource economics.

  • Environment and Development Economics


  • Graduate Studies: Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

  • Includes information about the program as well as the faculty.

  • Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics


  • Energy Journal


  • Michael Alexander's Energy Economics Pages

  • Links to energy research, energy organizations, and environmental organizations.

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