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  • Attrasoft Pattern, Image and Data Recognition

  • Attrasoft provides Universal Image/Video Identification, Verification, and Retrieval Technology and customizes solutions to user-defined requirements with optimized results demonstrating high accuracy, flexibility, and scalability. Image Recognition technology will increasingly replace human labor, increasing productivity, accuracy and profitability while solving previously unsolved complex problems of Process Automation Quality Control Security Healthcare Biometrics ...

  • Underwater wet welding specialists

  • Manufacture, supplier, rental, hirer of underwater wet welding, cutting, water-arc gouging, grinding, diving & associated equipment, Hydroweld FS & special wet welding electrodes;WCB600/400 welding/cutting circuit breakers/knife switches; Flip-up welding visors; Hydrothermic cutting rods;EH400/600 stinger electrode holders. Underwater welding services including: Consultancy, Contract services, Training, Qualified welders/supervisors; R&D, writing/qualification of wet welding procedures, welder qualification/certification

  • API Industries Inc

  • An alternate engineered system, to replace the outdated Grease Trap, can be installed above ground, or in ground, to fit any restaurant configuration

  • Aquatic Treatment Systems, Inc.

  • Aquatic Treatment Systems, Inc. (ATS) develops and markets enabling technologies to remove primary contaminants, which can adversely affect human health, from drinking water. The company has developed, field-tested, and brought to market patent-pending water purification products to remove arsenic from contaminated water. Our expert technical staff of engineers and scientists has the experience and know-how to provide the best technologies available in the treatment and removal of impurities from groundwater, well water, surface water, and industrial discharges.

  • BlazeTech Corp

  • We specialize in atmospheric dispersion of reactive chemicals, chemical, biological and nuclear agents dispersion and defeat, emission and radiation from fires and explosions in environmental safety area. Also, we have expertise in aircraft accidents, fires and explosions and offer an industrial course called "Aircraft Fire and Explosion due to Accidents, Combat and Terrorist Attacks"

  • Indoor Air Quality Engineering, Health Lab and Medical Facilities

  • Full Service Design Engineering for Indoor Air Quality Engineering, Health Lab and Medical Facilities. Providing Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Security Engineering Services for Government, Industrial and Commercial Facilities.

  • An New Alternative Medical Waste Solution

  • A one step process that shreds, COMPLETELY sterilizes and renders the final material to be unrecognizable. We also handle the shredding of confidential paper documents. All this is done on-site so there is no more transportation of Biohazardous and confidential waste

  • Ecosen Ltd. - Research laboratory for environmental monitoring and semiconductor sensors

  • ECOSEN Ltd. has been founded in 1991 as a private Research Laboratory. There are two main domains that were achieved by the scientific staff of the society: research studies and educational programs. The research studies include: environmental physics, environmental monitoring, semiconductor sensors and real time monitoring systems. The educational programs include: courses and laboratories including measurements for ecology and environmental monitoring. The environmental laboratory for education is composed of real time monitoring systems specially designed for students, prepared for air and water purity measurements. The educational department of the company is prepared for courses, pre-explanation for students laboratories, output data computing, using designed software.

  • Environmental Pumping Solutions

  • We provide specialist pumping solutions for difficult processes and/or tough products to pump. Excellent friendly advice for your project

  • Exaltec Distributors

  • Voice Operated products Wireless Cameras Star Trek Gadgets

  • Government security contractor

  • We are authorized suppliers of security products & services to global governments since 1986.

  • Green Living Now Organic and Natural Products Online Store

  • Do You Ever Wonder If The Products Labeled As "Natural" and "Organic" Really Are? Wish you had a green living expert who's done all of the research and tested out the products for you? Now you do. I'm Amy Todisco,Your Green Living Expert. I've read all the labels, researched all of the ingredients and the companies that make these products, used the products and compared the brands, so you don't have to. I use everything I sell on both my family and myself, and I only sell those products that pass my test. Not just anything labeled as "natural", "organic" and "nontoxic".

  • Hound Dog Hearing

  • We sell assistive devices to help you hear better. These are not hearing aids. Our products provide the clarity you need at home, in noisy restaurants, while watching TV, in the classroom, and more. In addition, our "Essential Guide to Hearing Loss" delivers the information you need.

  • Bioremediation Products for remediation of chlorinated solvent contaminated groundwater

  • JRW Bioremediation supplies Bioremediation Products for remediation of chlorinated solvent, metals and perchlorate contaminated groundwater.

  • Koch Infinity Wastewater Technologies

  • Provides new and used belt filter presses and rents mobile belt filter presses and specialty chemicals such as flocculants. coagulants, and polymers for dewatering sludge for wastewater treatment


  • Parts, service and equipment for the water and wastewater industry.


  • Museum quality handcrafted "steel art trees", specializing in free standing and column clad trees as tall as 10-stories. Exotic, deciduous, tropical, evergreen, and Mediterranean varieties are custom designed to client specifications.

  • Standard Rate Review

  • Utility (energy) auditing and recovery service. Specializing in obtaining refunds and credits for utility overcharges.

  • Trans-Tainer Pty Ltd

  • Design and manufacture Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and portable tanks. For transport, storage and decanting of liquids of all viscosities. Available with UN 31 approval for dangerous liquids. Materials include stainless steel, carbon steel and composites.

  • Wastecycle Ltd

  • Wastecycle provide a cost efficient waste collection service, utilising the savings achieved by recycling waste materials. This process avoids unnecessary and expensive landfill along with its associated negative environmental factors.

  • York EMC Services Ltd

  • York EMC Services (YES) Ltd is a subsidiary company of the University of York and is a leading provider of: Testing Consultancy Training Research EMC Test Equipment

  • Zeeco, Inc.

  • Design and manufacture of burners, flares, incinerators and sulfur plant combustion equipment. Specialize in Ultra Low NOx Burners, Energy Efficient Smokeless Flares and State of the Art Incinerator Systems for the safe, efficient disposal of liquid and fume wastes.

  • Dynamic Labs

  • A full service testing lab performing vibration - including on-site, shock, thermal, salt-fog and other environmental testing and analysis.

  • Denison Environmental Services

  • Mine decommissioning and tailings disposal.

  • Sophware Group

  • Publishes environmental software including air dispersion models, chemical tracking software, and emission inventory systems.

  • "Our World and the Environment" school assembly

  • "Our World and the Environment" live school assembly program for elementary school. Learn the 3 R's in this fun program presented in your school.

  • Pollution Online

  • Marketplace for professionals in the pollution equipment and control industry.

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