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  • Gaston and Associates

  • Gaston and Associates is an environmental consulting firm specializing in the preparation of Phase I Environmental Siote Assessments, hazardous waste site characterizatinos, and conducting contaminated site cleanups. Litigation support sevices are also available.

  • Applied Environmental Research entre Ltd

  • UK-based environmental consultancy with highly qualified and experienced scientists, engineers and planners. Offer services in waste management, pollution prevention and control, risk assessment, hydrology, ecology, earth sciences, contaminated land, planning, environmental impact assessment, contract environmental research, field monitoring (nationwide) and wide ranging laboratory services.

  • marine and industrial sorbents

  • Chemtex is your single source provider for products used in spill clean up and control.

  • computer recycling

  • We environmentaly sound recycle computer hardware and software for businesses, institutionals, and private.

  • Common Sense Solutions, LLC

  • Common Sense Solutions, LLC is an environmental consulting firm located in Washington, D.C., that provides cost-effective, common sense solutions to environmental problems. We advise clients on federal and state environmental laws and related infractions and provide courtroom testimony and expertise in wetlands, new technologies, hazardous waste and petroleum remediation, brownfields planning, real estate and recreation analysis, and training. We also provide legislative and corporate lobbying for bioremediation companies, chemical manufacturers, and other industries.


  • Environmental Services Company specializing in robotic removal and processing of hazardous waste. Other services include: Tank Cleaning, Hydro-blasting, Dewatering, and NORM Radiation removal.

  • Industrial pH Adjustment Systems

  • Packaged industrial wastewater treatment systems including pH adjustment systems, heavy metal reduction systems, fluoride reduction systems.

  • Coastal Hazardous Waste Site Reviews

  • US NOAA review documents describing their evaluations of more than 300 hazardous waste sites that EPA has proposed for addition to the National Priorities List.

  • Ambar

  • Manufacturer of oil mop, rope mop and belt mop oil skimmers for all industrial applications where waste oil contaminates waste water.

  • COLDREM - Soil Remediation in a Cold Climate

  • The national research program COLDREM is a Swedish effort to find solutions to soil remediation in a cold climate. Research groups from several universities cooperate in this endeavour. The program is funded by MISTRA (The Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research).

  • Gaston and Associates, LLC

  • Offers services in Phase I and II site assessments, remediation, regulatory compliance, and litigation support. Based in Irvine, California.

  • Laboratory for Environmental Biotechnology

  • Describes research and training at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne in the bioremediation field, including biodegradation and phytoremediation.

  • Microseeps, Inc.

  • Consultants offering site investigation, and remedial design services. Have expertise in environmental chemistry and development of innovative remediation solutions. Also have an analytical laboratory. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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