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  • Applied Environmental Research entre Ltd

  • UK-based environmental consultancy with highly qualified and experienced scientists, engineers and planners. Offer services in waste management, pollution prevention and control, risk assessment, hydrology, ecology, earth sciences, contaminated land, planning, environmental impact assessment, contract environmental research, field monitoring (nationwide) and wide ranging laboratory services.

  • Marketing Manager

  • BMI is a recycler of electronics scrap, obsolote and rejected products. The company buys excess inventories from manufacturers, scrap dealers and sub-contractors.

  • Business development in Asia

  • The value of our company resides in its business network, market knowledge and competencies in core technologies related to the environment, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Because knowledge reigns in today's world, BizAsia Network is the solution to turn your business plan into reality and speed up your returns. We boost our client revenues by offering excellent local knowledge in each marketplace, multi-lingual professionals familiar with the local conditions, professional practices and culture and by sharing our large network of contacts.

  • Sales Manager

  • Filtration Equipment Sales & Service in the metal wroking ind. Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Coolant / Oil filtration with high speed disc. centrifuges.

  • CBG Biotech

  • Manufacturer of fractional distillation stills that recycle chemical solvents. Recycles mineral spirits and Naphthas, paint thinners and hydrocarbon solvents, alcohols, glycols and phenols, acetones, esters and organic acids, chlorinated and other halogenated hydrocarbons, and various solvents form parts washers. 24/7 technical support, 30 day trials, buy or lease.

  • Environmental Documentary Portal

  • By no means all environment-related issues are covered here in this site. Emphasis has been placed on the areas in which the CITET can provide expertise – in particular training, laboratory services, transfer and implementation of eco-technologies, technical assistance to firms, information and documentation. We are well aware of the difficulties of satisfying the expectations of students, researchers, public enterprises and private sector, international organizations and cooperation agencies, and any person aware of the need to preserve and respect the environment. Nevertheless, beyond our effort to present the CITET’s various fields of activity, describe current projects and provide relevant technical information, we hope that through the Internet we will contribute to creating communication and exchange between individuals and bodies involved in the protection of the environment, in both the Mediterranean region and the wider world.

  • International Association of Electronics Recyclers (IAER)

  • The IAER is a trade organizaton that represents and serves the interests of electronics recyclers with members in most all the United States as well as 14 countries world wide.

  • Iowa Recycling Association Web Site

  • Educational information and resources about recycling.

  • Jakma Water Consulting

  • Independent consultant for water and environment projects

  • Marwol Metals, Ltd

  • Marwol Metals purchases industrial scrap metal including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Marwol Metals is located in southeastern Michigan.

  • Montana Material Exchange

  • Find it, or give it away, buy it, sell it, or trade it on the Montana Materials Exchange! Whether its pallets, packing peanuts, chemicals, construction materials, or something else entirely, the MME is a cost-saving alternative to disposing of surplus, used or leftover items, industrial by-products, or any other unwanted but usable material. It's also an excellent low-cost way to find materials that you need. Maintained by the Montana State University Extension Service, Pollution Prevention Program, this free service connects businesses, government agencies and other organizations that have materials they need to get rid of with parties who can use them. By providing reuse opportunities for materials you would normally throw away, MME helps you prevent waste and reduce environmental impacts at the same time that you save on disposal costs. Small or large quantities of almost any usable material can be listed on the MME website. Both “wanted” and “available” listings can be posted, and any listing can be confidential if requested. Users can also designate “available” materials as free to schools, charities, or government agencies. So before you pay to dispose of those old desks, leftover construction materials, or surplus cleaning chemicals, remember that someone else might be happy to take them

  • Montana Pollution Prevention Program

  • The MT P2 Program is dedicated to helping the state's small businesses and local governments use progressive, integrated pollution prevention (P2) strategies to increase productivity, while safeguarding our air, water, land and other natural resources. Our professional staff provide no-cost, non-regulatory technical assistance services to help businesses and government find cost effective ways to reduce, reuse and recycle resources in all areas of their operations. We focus on finding ways to conserve energy and water, and reduce the use of toxic chemicals.

  • Odour Control Systems

  • Global supplier of Odor control Chemicals and delivery systems. Case studies and chemical details on website.

  • Oil Skimmers Inc.

  • Equipment to remove oil and grease from the surface of process and waste water or other liquid.

  • Reduce Your Rubbish

  • This website provides information to help you make a difference for the environment by taking simple actions to reduce your rubbish.

  • ReHouse - "Recycling Houses In Western New York"

  • ReHouse, arranges and conducts salvage auction at residental properties scheduled for demolition. These auctions are open to the public to purchase then remove non-structural house parts, such as doors, furnaces, kitchen cupboards, etc.

  • Reduce Garbage

  • Extensive collection of tips on avoiding waste generation by reusing trash.

  • Toxics Use Reduction Institute

  • University of Massachusetts research and education efforts related to the search for less toxic chemistries, alternative technologies and innovative management methods to avoid polluting technologies. Includes fact sheets, publications, and links.

  • Minnesota Waste Wise

  • Minnesota Waste Wise is a non-profit member based program that helps organizations save money by reducing waste. Provides technical assistance, training and educational services.

  • Waste Management Trends and Comments

  • Online newsletter published by Waste Management Materials Marketing. Provides a survey of U.S. market conditions and prices for fiber and non-fiber municipal recyclables.

  • Industrial Materials Exchange

  • The Industrial Materials Exchange is a free service designed to match King County area businesses that produce wastes, industrial by-products, or surplus materials with businesses that need them.

  • Green Nature Recycling Center

  • Provides recycling articles on a variety of topics.

  • Magazine Paper Project

  • Information and advice to encourage publishers to switch to using recycled paper.

  • Glass Recycling

  • Information from the Glass Packaging Institute

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