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  • Environmental Testing in CT, NY, & NJ specializing in mold and Indoor Air Quality.

  • Environmental Testing in CT, NY, & NJ specializing in mold and Indoor Air Quality. We cover both residential and commercial properties. Please feel free to call us at 877-762-7550

  • UNEP/GRID - Sioux Falls

  • The North American Node of UNEP GRID, located at the USGS EROS Data Center, is in the forefront of applying information technology tools such as remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and web mapping to address the relationships between the environment and human populations. Utilizing the expert knowledge of staff and visiting scientists, the information created with these tools provide policy-makers a scientific basis for making decisions. GRID –Sioux Falls operates in cooperation with UNEP, NASA, USGS, USFS and US EPA and is guided by an advisory committee attended by representatives from Canada, Mexico and the United States.

  • Network Management, Network Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring Solutions

  • Purchase Networking Management and Network Monitoring Software, Environmental Monitoring Solutions.

  • Earthquake precursor

  • The imminent predictions of the time window for incoming earthquake in Balkan- Black sea region have to be used only for scientific purposes. The used precursor are the geomagnetic variations, measured in Skopja and Sofia. The reliability test from 2002 is under actuilization every 6 months

  • Wind Energy Development Programmatic EIS Information Center

  • The online center for public information and involvement in the Wind Energy Development Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (Wind Energy EIS).

  • One Source Group, LLC.

  • One Source Group is an environmental consultant service provider. Our years of science and field work bring decades of experience to your needs. Our services include, Fungal Investigations, Asbestos Surveilance, Lead inspections/Assessements and unspecified Sick Building Syndrome complaints.

  • Airphoto, Aerial Stock Photography

  • Aerial stock images of North and Central America. More than 5000 images on line - all easily searchable. 100,00 images in the library. Coverage is from AK North Slope to Labrador on the north, and from Costa Rica to Grenada on the south.

  • Founder

  • R$D for environmental need for the betterment of mankind

  • Casella CEL

  • UK manufacturer and supplier of leading edge environmental monitoring equipment for use in both working and natural environments.

  • Ejlskov Consult

  • Ejlskov Consult is a Scandinavian based company conducting environmental engineering i Scandinavia and Europe. The main focus is on soil and groundwater investigations and environmental due diligence.

  • Environmental Laboratory Services

  • Full service lab: Air, water, soil and other environmental chemistry testing performed. We also do product testing for commercial enterprises. Asbestos and Health and Safety training services are also available.

  • LLNL Environmental informaton

  • This is the web site for Lawrence Livermore National laboratory(Livermore,CA) Envronmental Cmunity Relatons. It encourages public access to Laboratory environmental monitoring and other environmental activitie and information..

  • Environmental Analytical Systems

  • Environmental, occupational health and Safety Instrumentation. Canadian Owned and operated instrumentation distributor

  • Global Rivers Environmental Education Network Website

  • We have designed this website to provide water monitors and students with a place to store their water monitoring data, track their water monitoring projects with their own custom page and to provide the educational resources students need to successfully implement a school-based water monitoring program. The website is designed to give you a place to store your water monitoring data, allow others to see what you have found and compare your work to the work of others in your area. Once you have a (project page) your group can use this site to track all of your monitoring data for as long as you continue your water monitoring effort.

  • Instrumentation Northwest, Inc.

  • A multi-million dollar developer and supplier of quality ground water sampling, monitoring and remediation equipment. INW has sales offices in Washington and California, as well as manufacturing and research facilities in Washington, and markets worldwide. INW has been in business for over 20 years and is still growing, as it reaches out to meet increasing needs for safe, clean water.

  • LTER-Europe

  • Web site for Long-Term Ecosystem Research and Monitoring in Europe (LTER-Europe). Provides information about LTER activities in Europe, and acts as a focal point for the development of a pan-European LTER network, a network of ecosystem research 'platforms', to provide an integrated system for detecting and understanding environmental change.

  • NPA Group

  • NPA use and supply high resolution satellite and airborne images to monitor a host of changes in our environment, whether it be subtle vegetation stress in a small but remote field or wide ranging changes at the regional scale. NPA produce imagery and elevation data, including Laser Scanning (LiDAR), for a range of engineering planning and monitoring applications.

  • New York Water Environment Association Metropolitan Chapter

  • The advancement of fundamental and practical, political, social, technical, legal and fiscal knowledge concerning the development and administration of effective water quality management programs.

  • Planteco Environmental Consultants, LLC

  • Planteco offers a wide variety of environmental services, including field sampling, permitting and compliance services. Planteco specializes in new and cost-effective in-situ remediation technologies including phytoremediation, bioremediation and subsurface redox manipulation methods.

  • The Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT)

  • The Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT) is a directorate under the Ministry of the Environment. Our main goal is to promote sustainable development.


  • Soilmoisture manufactures the world's best instrumentation for measuring and extracting moisture from soil and plants. We are also the US representative for Eijkelkamp Agrisearch products.

  • South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)

  • SPREP is a regional organisation established by the governments and administrations of the Pacific region to look after its environment. It has grown from a small programme attached to the South Pacific Commission (SPC) in the 1980s into the Pacific region’s major intergovernmental organisation charged with protecting and managing the environment and natural resources. It is based in Apia, Samoa, with over 70 staff.

  • Environmental Change Network

  • About the UK's long-term environmental monitoring program, with summary database, real-time weather data, information about monitoring protocols, education material, and other interpreted data products.

  • Icon Service Company

  • Gas detection and safety specialists offering products including ambient air monitoring equipment to detect and measure the presence of hazardous gases, hydration products to protect worker's health and to improve safety. Also offers services and training.

  • Tiger Probe Geoprobe Services

  • A geoprobe (direct push soil sampling) services provider serving Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Illinois, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Online estimates available with eQuote service.

  • Gurley Precision Instruments

  • Manufacturers of hydrological current meters and accessories for open channels, rivers and streams. Products include Price and pygmy meters, digital indicators and headphone sets, support systems, including cranes and sounding reels.

  • Environnement S.A

  • Global supplier specializing in the design, manufacture, and supply of gas and particulate ambient-air and stack emission instrumentation, and water monitoring equipment and systems.

  • Nielsen Environmental Field School

  • Field-oriented environmental training. Practical courses on topics including: environmental sampling and analysis; ground-water monitoring and sampling, including micropurging; and hydrocarbon spill assessment. Course details, online registraton.

  • Kel Instruments Co. Inc.

  • Specializing in soil pH and salinity test instruments.

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