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  • Its All About Time and Place

  • "A Critical look at human culture through time, in response to climate change, ecological and societal responses. Timelines and Records of Climate Consequences.

  • Clearing House Mechanism on Desertification for the Northern Mediterranean Region

  • CLEMDES (Clearing House Mechanism on Desertification for the Northern Mediterranean Region) is an accompanying measures project (EVK2-CT-2002-80006) financed by the European Commission It is aimed at promoting the development of a network with a broad social participation through the implementation of an Internet based tool called “Clearing House Mechanism” (CHM). Objectives: - Promote and facilitate technical and scientific cooperation, within and among the countries of Annex IV and other affected countries of the Mediterranean Region; - Develop a mechanism for the participation of NGOs, local stakeholders and scientific community to the exchange and integration of information on desertification; - Disseminate all research results available; - Establish a central (portal) Web site prototype of the Clearing House Mechanism on desertification for the Northern Mediterranean region; - Develop a tool kit to assist in the establishment of national Internet data-base; - Develop of synergies with other existing initiatives of the Climate Change and Biodiversity convention.

  • Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (GECAFS)

  • Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (GECAFS) is a comprehensive programme of research focussed on understanding the links between food security and global environmental change. GECAFS aims to deliver improved understanding of the relationship between food systems and the Earth System, and science-based tools designed both to help reduce vulnerability to global environmental change and to analyse the socioeconomic and environmental consequences of potential management and policy adaptation options.

  • Atmosphere, Climate & Environment Information Programme

  • Disseminates information, without advocacy or bias, on the causes, effects of and controls on air pollution and climate change, within the framework of national legislation and international discussion.

  • Climate Solutions - Practical Solutions to Global Warming

  • Mission is to stop global warming at the earliest point possible by helping the Northwest become a world leader in practical and profitable solutions.

  • Stratospheric Ozone Monitoring and Research in NOAA

  • Provides a comprehensive technical primer on the ozone layer and its depletion, as well as access to real-time and historical monitoring data, descriptions of instruments used to detect ozone, and related information and links.

  • Mystery of the Missing Carbon

  • Discusses the BOREAS research program, which investigated the "missing carbon" problem in global carbon cycle studies.

  • Climate Ark -- Climate Change Portal

  • Provides a comprehensive round-up of on-line news sources, as well as an archive and a targetted web-search engine.

  • Desertification Information Network

  • The objective of the network is to provide data and information services on the subject of desertification, particularly in African and the Mediterranean basin.

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