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  • New Jersey Environmental Digital Library

  • The NJEDL is an online library of environmental literature and multimedia related to New Jersey. The collection includes documents and reports, scientific studies, photographs, videos, maps, and more. Most of the items in this collection are considered "grey literature" - unavailable through common research tools like library catalogs and indexes. Our goal is to locate, acquire, and preserve these valuable but hard-to-find resources for citizens and researchers to use, and to make the collection digitally available - at your desktop!

  • "Public Participation Around the World"

  • We provide a comprehensive Library, publications, instructional videos, training and consulting services to enable project managers and technical specialists to design and implement appropriate public participation programs. Public participation/consultation is a systematic way to identify and understand your different publics, provide them with relevant and understandable information and work with them to resolve their concerns about your proposed project, program or policy. The site is based on 30 years of work on over 300 projects in 8 countries; it has a Spanish section, including a manual and video.

  • Dawn Publications

  • At Dawn Publications, our passion is to assist parents and educators to open the minds and hearts of children to the transforming influence of nature. Our books not only seek to inform, but also to inspire. In other words, we try to reach the heart as well as the mind, for the heart is the impulse that will motivate children to a lifelong relationship of respect, stewardship and intelligent cooperation with our Earth home and Mother Nature.

  • Environment & Development Magazine

  • Environment & Development is the leading monthly pan-Arab environment & nature magazine, distributed in 22 countries with a circulation of over 38,500. Every month, Environment & Development brings to Arab readers a unique mix of news & features on environmental technology and development, targeting a wide spectrum of readers, ranging from decision makers, government officials and academics, to industrialists and students. While reaching the trade sector involved in environmental projects, it is also popular among environment-conscious audiences all over Arab countries. Environment & Development has carved a special niche in journalism, taking environment to the general public and transforming a specialized title into a matter of public interest.

  • Natural Life magazine

  • Over 2,500 pages of articles from the past 12 years of Natural Life magazine, covering ways that individuals can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Greenleaf Publishing

  • Specialist publisher in the business and environment sector, including the journals Greener Management International and The Journal of Corporate Citizenship. Online book catalog, journal tables of contents, and other information.

  • William Andrew, Inc.

  • A large library of environmental hazard, pollution control and remediation, and safety handbooks. Many are re-publications of U.S. EPA reports.

  • Marine Environmental Engineering

  • Interdisciplinary journal focused on applied science and engineering. Topics include ocean currents, waves, and transport processes, ocean instrumentation, and applications to marine waste disposal, fisheries management, dredging, beach erosion, oil spill prevention and remediation, and aquatic toxicology.

  • Reference books on Environment in South Asia

  • Major distributor of books published in South Asia for/by scholars, researchers, students, libraries, institutions. Over 7,000 titles online.

  • Electronic Handbook Publishers, Inc.

  • EHP publishes databases and hypertext documents for human health and ecological risk assessment. EHP also publishes federal, state, and local risk assessment guidance documents.

  • Meeting Namibia's Water Needs While Sparing the Okavango

  • Detailed study by Steve Rothert on the water situation in Namibia and the proposed Okavango water scheme.

  • Biological Invasions

  • Journal published by Kluwer. Table of contents, free online sample.

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