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  • Wells Water Treatment Services Ltd

  • Wells Water Treatment Services offers legionella risk assessment, sterilisation, precommission cleaning of lphw & chilled water systems sampling and analysis services

  • 1Earth Research, LLC

  • Provides computer modeling, simulation, web design, database services, GIS and optimization.

  • Applied Environmental Research entre Ltd

  • UK-based environmental consultancy with highly qualified and experienced scientists, engineers and planners. Offer services in waste management, pollution prevention and control, risk assessment, hydrology, ecology, earth sciences, contaminated land, planning, environmental impact assessment, contract environmental research, field monitoring (nationwide) and wide ranging laboratory services.

  • Eco Environmental Consultants

  • Eco Environmental Consultants is a private company that serves the oil and gas sector in providing environmental consultation services. Eco also provide free of charge consultation services for the community and donate part of its profit for humanitarian and environmental causes and campaigns.

  • Impact Assessment on Air Quality and Micro Climate

  • Impacts of roads, industrial and agricultural plants, dump sites, high rise buildings.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Irrigation and Drainage Projects

  • Guide for consultants and planners in developing countries, from FAO.

  • Envest : Green Building Design Software

  • Software tool for estimating the lifecycle environmental impacts of a building from the early design stage. Considers the environmental impacts of: materials used during construction; resources consumed over the building's life.

  • Consideration of Cumulative Impacts in EPA Review of NEPA Documents

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidance document

  • TEPI - Towards Environmental Pressure Indicators for the EU

  • Integrated multidisciplinary project to identify and evaluate indicators of environmental pressures, impacts, and quality in the European Union.

  • David Balloch & Associates Pty. Ltd.

  • Melbourne, Australia, consultants providing environmental impact assessment and related services for the mining, forestry, oil and gas and pulp and paper industries. Experience primarily in Australia, the Pacific, and the UK.

  • LAB Coastal Ecological Consultants

  • Consultants in coastal ecology and salt marshes, research with integrated land management, and environmental impact analyses for civil engineering projects. St. Ives, England.

  • Considering Cumulative Effects Under NEPA

  • Guidance on cumulative environmental impact assessment, from U.S. Council on Environmental Quality.

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