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  • Alternatives Journal

  • Alternatives is Canada's foremost journal of the environment. Six times a year, we serve up provocative features, current news updates, analytical commentary and topical book reviews. Look to Alternatives for cutting-edge analysis of a broad range of environmental issues from across Canada and around the world. Subscribe to Alternatives Journal today! - Individual $37.45, Institutional $75.00 (prices include GST). Order Gift subscriptions and back issues on line at our website or email James Bow at

  • Tropical Forest Margins - Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn (ASB)

  • Working across the world’s tropical forest margins to raise the productivity and income of poor rural households without increasing deforestation or undermining essential environmental services. Keywords: Land, Forests, Destruction, Agriculture, Deforestation, Information, Science, Conservation Methods, Protection, Community Based Development, Rainforests

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • Web site provides an overview of Office Depot's environmental policies and programs.

  • Green Alliance

  • Green Alliance is an independent charity with a pivotal position in the UK environment movement. We work for a better environment through research, dialogue and debate, to inform decision-makers and deliver effective policy. We develop constructive solutions and ideas by working closely with a wide, cross-sectoral network of environment and policy professionals, from business, government, academia and the voluntary sector.

  • Blackdown Horticultural Consultants- Green roofs

  • Design, supply, installation and maintenance of light weight living or green roofs. The site carries information on the design and construction of green roofs,the environmental and building performance benefits and plants for green roofs.

  • Griesinger Films

  • Videos on Ecological Economics: "An Introducton to Ecological Economics", 1991 45 minutes; "Investing in Natural Capital, 1993, 42 minutes; "Conversation for a Sustainable Society, 1993, 43 minutes; and "Costa Rica Counts the Future", 1996, 45 minutes. All four, US$100. Visa/MC accepted. Free shipping: US, Canada, Mexico 800/872-4456

  • Institute of Urban and Regional Development

  • The Institute of Urban and Regional Development (IURD), a campuswide organized research unit at the University of California, Berkeley, conducts collaborative, interdisciplinary research and practical work that helps scholars and students understand the dynamics of communities, cities and regions while informing public policy at the local, state and national levels.

  • Low-impact Living Initiative (LILI)

  • Non-profit organisation helping people to reduce their impact on the environment. Courses, manuals, information sheets, products, events. Biodiesel, straw-bale building, wind & solar electricity, herbal medicine, compost toilets, solar hot water, rammed earth building, natural paints & lime, geodesic domes, and many more topics

  • Natural Capital

  • Natural Capital provide a wide range of services in the areas of environmental management and sustainable development including:  feasibility and option studies;  environmental impact assessment;  environmental, social and sustainability audits;  environmental and sustainability reporting;  facilitation of community workshops;  environmental management and training;  policy and best practice guidance studies.

  • Nolan-ITU Pty Ltd

  • Nolan-ITU is a practical sustainability consultancy. Our mission is to make sustainability work for our clients by improving their environmental, economic and social results. Nolan-ITU works with and for Councils, small and large businesses, environmental service providers, State and Federal Government agencies, industry associations, non-Governmental organisations, and local communities. Formed in 1995, Nolan-ITU is Australian owned and operates nationally with a highly skilled team of over 20 people.

  • novatlantis - sustainability at the ETH domain

  • About novatlantis, which takes the findings and results of recent research within the ETH domain (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and applies them to projects designed to promote sustainable development in major urban settlements. Zurich, Switzerland

  • Center for Environmentally Responsible Solvents and Processes

  • NSF Science and Technology Center involving 5 universities in NC, TX and GA. Objective is to enable a revolution in green chemistry through cutting edge physical sciences and engineering, social sciences, and educational programs. Focus is on fundamental research to identify sustainable processes and products using CO2-related technology. Center also studies social processes that foster collaboration and innovation. Website has numerous links to green chemistry researchers and organizations worldwide.

  • Ollie's World - Sustainability Education for Kids

  • The Ollie's World Website is a child-friendly, comprehensive resource centre - presenting information on a range of issues relating to sustainability principles.

  • Redreaming the plains

  • Redreaming the plains is an e-journal promoting more integrative thinking about ecological and social sustainability. It publishes scholarly papers, essays, articles and fiction on the diverse pasts, presents and possible futures of the planet's plains, with a special focus on temperate grasslands bioregions.


  •, is the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit's website on good practice. It contains information on 'what works'in neighbourhood renewal, focusing on health, education, worklessness, crime and housing & the environment. The site contains documents like policy guidance, research, case studies, solving the problem guides and toolkits.

  • Institute for Sustainable Development in Business

  • The Institute for Sustainable Development in Business helps businesses, the public and third sectors and communities implement cost effective environmental improvements.

  • Sustainable Development Information

  • is a non-profit 'think-tank', designed to share information regarding sustainable development and its associated topics.

  • James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments

  • We are a research and outreach organization that demonstrates how to design and build affordable, equitable, and ecologically healthy communities. We work with citizens and public officials to incorporate new and emerging policies for sustainable development into community plans.

  • Sustainable Living

  • Definitions, Principles, Criteria, Indicators, Conceptual Frameworks of Sustainable Development Proceedings of multiple years Japan-US Perspectives on Sustainable Living

  • Sustainable Development International

  • The Sustainable Development International website is the only CSR and Sustainable Development portal. It is updated daily and includes news, CSR Reports, features and a comprehensive events calendar as well as an extensive archive of articles from the Sustainable Development International journal.

  • VA TECH - sustainable solutions.for a better life.

  • VA TECHNOLOGIE AG - sustainable solutions.for a better life.

  • Wood River Land Trust

  • The Wood River Land Trust is dedicated to conserving, restoring, and protecting open lands, special places and wildlife habitat in Idaho's Wood River Valley. It works cooperatively with private landowners and local communities to assure these properties are protected now and as a legacy for future generations.

  • The Environment and ICT Working Group

  • This site is concerned with Informationand Communication Technologies such as the Internet. In particular, it is for and by a group civil society input to the United Nations' World Summit on the Information Society held in 2003 and 2005 in Geneva and Tunis respectively. Many core member institutions work in the field of industrial ecology. An occasional mailing list is associated with the site; subscription requests should be formulated in plain English and sent to the email address

  • WWW Virtual Library: Sustainable Development

  • Comprehensive list of internet sites dealing with sustainable development, including organisations, projects and activities, electronic journals, libraries, references and documents, databases.

  • Permaculture Research Institute

  • About permaculture and PRI's hands-on permaculture courses in ecological design, environmental restoration, appropriate technology and sustainable agriculture. New South Wales, Australia.

  • Planning social forestry reforestation projects in semi-arid areas of developing countries.

  • This web site contains knowledge for planning reforestation projects in semi-arid areas of developing countries.

  • Ekotecture

  • Buildings which by design are completely self sustaining by using gravity geo-thermal envelope to heat and cool buildings without using fossil fuels as well as lights, gas, water, waste and food production.

  • The International Society for Industrial Ecology

  • The mission of the ISIE is to promote the use of industrial ecology in research,education, policy, community development, and industrial practices. In order to accomplish this mission, ISIE seeks to build a community of interest, support cumulative learning, produce quality research, and promote social change.

  • Center for Natural Lands Management

  • CNLM is cooperator with land trusts, conservation organizations, public agencies, developers and other land managers that require expertise in the management of environmentally sensitive lands.

  • exSite Research Ltd.

  • exSite Research Ltd. focuses on innovative and sustainable solutions for advancing the State of the Art in the regeneration of Brownfield and contaminated land.

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