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  • Decibel Consultants Inc.

  • Supported by a strong field experience and appropriate instrumentation, DÉCIBEL CONSULTANTS INC. offers a complete range of specialized services covering detailed noise survey, noise impact study, training course and evaluation of regulatory compliance, data analysis and definition of noise control program that shall certainly satisfy your needs

  • Damping Technologies, Inc.

  • Damping Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures very application-specific vibration damping and isolation systems for control of noise and vibration in aerospace, ground vehicle, scientific instrument, and home appliance applications. DTI also tests damping materials according to ASTM E-756 and SAE J1637.

  • Airport Noise Report

  • A weekly update on litigation, regulations, and technological developments related to mitigation of aircraft noise.

  • Environmental Sound Control

  • Equipment for controlling the level of commercial sound systems. Suitable for capping DJs and bands in clubs, pubs, hotels, concert halls. Approved by Environmental Health Departments.

  • Noise Abatement Society

  • The society actively campaigns in the press, on radio and television and takes all possible steps under existing law to protect the public in general and members of the society in particular, from assault by noise. Informs the public by every means of the dangers of noise to health and of their legal rights against those who create noise.

  • Yoshimasa Electronic

  • Developer of DSSF3 - highly integrated sound measurement and analysis software. It covers a wide scope of audio and acoustics: car audio, home audio, building and room acoustics, instrument sound analysis, environmental noise measurement, and biomedical sound analysis and diagnosis. Vast sound measurement examples using DSSF3 are reported.

  • Silent Majority: Citizens against car alarms

  • Website for a new campaign to ban car alarms from New York City.

  • Smart Groups: Ban Boom Cars

  • Mobile hi-watt amps powering large loudspeakers producing powerful low-frequency noise, easily penetrating and saturating large areas, enough to shake windows, walls and floors. Illegal for use nearly everywhere in the U.S., this menacing scofflaw subculture continues to grow, aided by industry groups such as the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA).

  • Airfields Environment Trust

  • UK charity sponsoring research and education to promote understanding of the effects of aviation both locally and internationally, and to explore ways in which pollution and other adverse effects can be reduced. Includes databank of resources and information about projects.

  • UGN

  • Producer of high-quality parts for acoustic, interior trim and thermal management products.

  • Navcon Engineering Network - Acoustical Software

  • Distributor for SoundPLAN - 3D noise propagation software - road, railroad, industrial, construction, amusement park noise modeling


  • Provider of industrial and marine machinery condition analysis. Offers vibration, oil and wear particle analysis services and products.

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