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  • Applied Environmental Research entre Ltd

  • UK-based environmental consultancy with highly qualified and experienced scientists, engineers and planners. Offer services in waste management, pollution prevention and control, risk assessment, hydrology, ecology, earth sciences, contaminated land, planning, environmental impact assessment, contract environmental research, field monitoring (nationwide) and wide ranging laboratory services.

  • The Search for Safer and Greener Chemical Solvents

  • Book (offered free in .pdf via email request) written by Laboratory Director of the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, University of Massachusetts Lowell. Lab's mission is the elimination/reduction of hazardous materials such as organic and chlorinated solvents used in manufacturing and cleaning operations.

  • Awareness Center

  • Awareness Center is an independent consultancy, working with R&D and technical support within the Environmental domain (Environmental chemistry, Environmental monitoring, QSAR, prioritization tools)

  • Biophysical Environmental Chemistry Group

  • The group's research focuses on improving our biophysical understanding of complex environmental processes such as bioavailability and colloidal transport in freshwaters. We are also involved with the teaching of both Environmental and Analytical chemistry both for the (bio)chemists and environmental scientists of the university.

  • Research in Environmental Chemistry

  • Physical-Organic Environmental Chemistry

  • Environmental Science Corp.

  • Lists certications in Eastern States, with twelve client support centers and laboratory in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

  • The Foam Book

  • A reference source for aqueous foam technology subdivided by application.

  • Michigan Environmental Laboratory Association

  • Implements laboratory accreditation programs, develops better analytical methods, and improves the application of environmental regulations.

  • Phoenix Environmental Laboratories, Inc.

  • Connecticut facility offers high quality testing of soils, water, sludge, and solids meeting EPA and state environmental and health department requirements.

  • Environmental Biogeochemistry

  • Describes research projects at the University of Aalborg (Denmark) in environmental geochemistry and biogeochemistry, applying physical inorganic and organometallic chemistry to environmental and geological systems.

  • DAIN Metadatabase of Resources for Environmeantal Chemicals

  • A database of separate databases. Search by type of database, use of chemicals, type of information and/or descriptors.

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