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  • Civil War, Terrorism and Gangs. Social Dynamics

  • The work discusses social dynamics by analyzing the development of civil war, terrorism and of gangs. The behavior of society as well as the behavior of individuals are described as in related to the degree of social cohesion or integration. Terrorism and banditism are regarded as stages in social dynamics. People are classified according to their needs and abilities. A stereotype characterized by few needs and abilities is coined Golem. Golems have lost their individuality. They are potential terrorists and gang leaders. Golems sympathize with terrorism and encourage it. The leader influences the degree of cohesion or social integration. The concept of the work is a more general one than expected from its title alone. In addition to explaining the development and behavior of society by changes in entropy, it permits predictions to be made on its future development. The work is useful for all those who wish to understand social dynamics, and particularly for sociologists, psychologists, criminologists, politicians and economists.

  • Nicholas Spence's Homepage

  • sociology, social science

  • Mohamad Rami Nsouli Social Computer Religion

  • The webpage is a personal webpage used to describe the activities of Rami Nsouli. it serves as personal profile and a data storage for some downloads and photos and articles used.

  • Cybersoc: Resource Centre for Cyber-Sociologists

  • Cybersoc is an online resource centre for social scientists investigating online communities and life online

  • Cybersocociology Webzine

  • A collection of articles, papers, and reviews by social scientists investigating life online

  • Manchester Institute of Popular Culture

  • MIPC is a multi-disciplinary research unit, concerned with issues in contemporary city cultures.

  • Welcome to Reuben Roth's Sociology of Work Website

  • Greetings, I'm an adjunct Professor of Sociology at Trent University', a Senior Research Officer/ Research Associate, and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Toronto and a research coordinator at the 'Centre for Research on Work and Society' at York University.

  • Career Testing

  • Career tests designed by psychologists that really work.

  • A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace

  • Short essays, data analyses, and links on social gerontology, death & dying, social psychology, family, social time systems, the sociology of knowledge, and more.

  • Center for German and European Studies

  • The Center for German and Europe Studies is the leading multi-disciplinary centre for contemporary German Studies in Russia. Established in 2001 as a joint venture between the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD) and the University of Saint Petersburg, it is one of a network of similar centres around the world. The Center's mission is to provide a unique research-led social-science based perspective on Europe and its research and postgraduate programme therefore focuses on the politics, economics, international relations, history and culture of contemporary Europe.

  • Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

  • List of links to free resources for methods in social research and evaluation.

  • Social Forces

  • Highlighting sociological inquiry but also exploring realms shared with social psychology, anthropology, political science, history, and economics. Official journal of the Southern Sociological Society. Peer-reviewed, quarterly. Abstracts available on-line.

  • International Association for Social Science Information Service & Technology

  • IASSIST bridges three communities: scientists who are producers and users of social data; 2.information specialists who preserve social data, manage facilities and provide services that promote the secondary use of social data; and 3.computing specialists who advance methods to analyze social data.

  • Kim, Jong Duk

  • Professor, Kyungnam University, sociology of agriculture.

  • Rural Development Initiative

  • RDI at Iowa State University provides the basis for policy decisions to stimulate rural development and economic growth through data sets, surveys, and research reports.

  • Reports Made by 'The Global Social Change Research Project'

  • A resource of reports showing recent social, demographic, political and communication technology changes in the world as a whole and for developed and less developed sections.

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