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  • British Deaf Association

  • The BDA's vision is of a world where Deaf people uses sign language enjoy the same rights, responsibilities, opportunities and quality of life as everyone. Our mission is to build a strong and vibrant community of Deaf people who use sign language, pulling together to provide mutual support and equipped with confidence and skills to contribute to society as equal citizens.

  • Life Sciences Communication

  • This site contains information about undergraduate and graduate school opportunities. Also, LSC faculty and staff are featured on the site as well as contact information and a link to our online newsletter.

  • Baby Fingers

  • Sign Language and Music Classes in New York City for young children and their families. Research and information included.

  • Ready! Set! Sign!!

  • Ready! Set! Sign!! (RSS) is a comprehensive 24-lesson Sign Language course on 5 CD-ROMs for beginning signers from age 10 to adult. RSS provides more than 13 hours of video instruction, incorporating hundreds of video clips, photos, animations and graphics. RSS teaches over 1,200 signs equating to more than 3,000 English words, letting learners view any sign, at any time, from any place in the instructional sequence using a "Sign Search" component; teaches teaches major grammar concepts; teaches fingerspelling and how to sign numbers; provides practice with immediate feedback after every instructional segment; and ends each lesson with a "Cultural Moment" video providing valuable information about Deafness, deaf people, and Deaf Culture.

  • Is your baby a sign baby?

  • is devoted to encouraging and training you to sign with the pre-verbal infants and toddlers of the world, and let them sign back.

  • Success Strategies NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) of Michigan

  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) certification, classes, workshops, private life coaching, phone sessions. What is the purpose of NLP? To improve the quality of your life by releasing stress, learn how people think and communicate, learn strategies to produce results, and design the life that you want. Eliminate phobias, overcome fears, learn to read people accurately, and discover the choices that you have as a person. Interested?! Give us a call.

  • Semiotics according to Robert Marty

  • Introduction to semiotics, advanced applications for semiotics studies ; Peircean semiotics and applications to communication, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and various other domains.

  • Claes de Vreese

  • Resource for teaching and research on political communication, public opinion, media effects, campaigns, and media and politics.

  • Rhetoric and Composition Calls Fields Journals Listserves Moos Organizations Programs Terms

  • A portal for researchers and practitioners of Rhetoric and Composition.

  • Canadian Journal of Communication

  • Journal of research and scholarship in communication and journalism studies, giving emphasis to Canadian work and issues. Site includes tables of contents, archived book reviews, job announcements, and other current news and information.


  • Ideas, vocabulary, and daily comeback for defending against verbal violence. Also connects verbal attacks with underlying fallacies.

  • Western States Communication Association

  • Organization for scholars in the western United States. Includes conference information and manuscript submission guidelines for Western Journal of Communication and Communication Reports.

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