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  • Discover Your Mind

  • Emotions: what they are and how to identify them. Explore their role in the formation of personal identity, bonding and beliefs. There are other articles on attitudes, confusion, alienation, partnerships, and more.

  • Psycholinguistics Laboratory

  • The research in this lab focuses on the mental representations and processing mechanisms involved in the comprehension of language.

  • Phobias, Anxieties, Fears, public speaking, flying... ALL GONE! In ONE STOP! Sydney Australia

  • Are you terrified of speaking in public? Are you feeling under pressure to perform? Is flying a problem for you? Do you have any fears that you'd rather get rid of? Just imagine you can HAVE ALL THIS! Not in a few years, but NOW!!! Then contact us - and we'll explain you how it's your birth right to be emotionally free!

  • The Strange World of Emotion

  • Emotions: what they are and how to identify them. Explore their role in character development, sexuality, idealism, spirituality, conflict and confusion. The role of forgiveness and acceptance is analysed.

  • Brain Resource Company

  • Accessing the power of the first Integrated Brain Database. The Brain Resource Company (BRC) offers brain assessment and analysis products through a global network of laboratories. Clients currently include pharmaceutical companies, clinical, medico legal, public health and safety, and scientific markets.

  • The Joint control home page

  • THE JOINT CONTROL HOME PAGE is an archival resource maintained by Barry Lowenkron. It contains his presented papers, symposia, published articles, and unpublished position papers concerned with the application of Skinner's concepts of verbal behavior to a rigorous, behavioral description of those human performances commonly ascribed to hypothesized cognitive processes of perception, cognition, memory, problem solving, and goal orientation. Articles and papers on this web site are particularly focussed on the role joint_stimulus_control plays in extending the descriptive and explanatory functions of Skinner's verbal operants in accounting for these sorts of psychological processes. Your comments, critical, complementary, inquisitive or otherwise, are welcome as are requests for reprints.


  • Over 50 articles by Penny Tompkins, James Lawley, David Grove and many others on this fascinating approach to personal change using metaphor, Clean Language and modelling. Plus details of the book Metaphors in Mind and the video/DVD A Strange and Strong Sensation.

  • The Enneagram Institute

  • Enneagram Research, Development & Applications

  • Centre for Forensic Psychophysiology Limited

  • The Centre for Forensic Psychophysiology Ltd provides a range of high-technology solutions to the detection of deception (sometimes referred to as polygraph testing, or, lie detection) to Law Enforcement Agencies, the Legal Community and the Private Sector, together with other related investigative and psycho-legal reporting services. Our agents operate mainly throughout the European Union and internationally

  • The Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments

  • Society devoted to improving human performance in all high-stress, challenging, and extreme environments.

  • Keys To Power - 5 Miracle Steps To Getting Anything You Really Want!

  • Learn how to attract an abundance of all good things into your life. Find out why tradition methods don't always work, and how to eliminate the obstacles to results.

  • Southern Psychosynthesis Community Network

  • The Southern Psychosynthesis Community Network vision is to support and encourage individual growth using the principles of Psychosynthesis in a manner that enables our society to become holistically balanced in mind, body, emotions and spirit.

  • Learning and Dreaming

  • A Science Friday audio discussion on the science of dreaming featuring Robert Stickgold and Matthew Wilson.

  • European Network of Community Psychologists

  • Provides information about research and education in the field of community psychology.

  • Gestalt Bookshelf

  • Gestalt Theory and Gestalt Psychology Books - Classics

  • allPsych

  • Virtual psychology classroom with topic synopses, disorders, dictionary, online tests, education and career information, news, and internet resources.

  • Brain and Behavior

  • Stimulating articles and demonstrations from Serendip at Bryn Mawr College

  • Gail Carr Feldman Ph.D. - psychologist, author

  • Gail Feldman is a clinical psychologist and author of "From Crisis to Creativity" about transforming tragedy through creativity and the Children's Coping Cassette Series to help parents with childhood problems.

  • Old Saybrook II Project

  • Project named after the 1964 conference that gave birth to the Humanistic Psychology movement. The project is an interactive process of generative conversations, actual and virtual gatherings, and distributed texts, which together examine the history and present state of the humanistic tradition in American psychology, as well as the emerging challenges and opportunities which it faces.

  • W.J. Freeman Neurophysiology Lab

  • Neurophysiology and qualitative experience. Integrating motor coordination, perception, memory, and performance. Emergent systems and chaos theory in the brain/body system. University of California at Berkeley.

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