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  • ALOV Map. Java GIS

  • ALOV Map is portable Java┬« application for publication vector and raster maps to Internet and interactive viewing on web browsers. It supports the complex rendering architecture, the unlimited navigation and allows working with multiple layers, thematic maps, hyperlinked features and attribute data. The server side supports WMS.

  • Environmental Geography Pages

  • Geography professor provides information and links regarding the environment from a geographical perspective. Emphasis on deforestation in Rondonia (Brazilian Amazon), conservation in New England, and contemporary geography of Cuba.

  • The Global Gazetteer

  • The Global Gazetteer is a database of some 4.5 million places around the world. Records are enhanced with latitude/longitude, province, population, postcodes, time zones, etc. Also included are records for ports, airports & railway stations

  • Barmentloo Forestry Consultant

  • International Forestry Consultant. Communication in English, Spanish and Dutch. GIS, GPS, FSC certification

  • Blue Marble Geographics

  • Coodinate conversion concepts to georeferenced images and vector map files

  • Countries and Locations

  • A quick and easy way to learn the names and locations of the countries of the world, continent by continent. Anyone can master this essential geography lesson by taking our fun and entertaining tests. Try it out!

  • The Map Maker

  • The official site of Johnathan White, Historic Cartographer and Illustrator, specializes in 14th through 18th certury cartography.

  • ReGeo - geo-multimedia information systems

  • ReGeo develops state-of-the art information systems which combine heterogenous data communities, such as text, audio, video and geographic information. With help of ReGeo, information will not only be presented as text and pictures, but will be displayed in interactive maps and even in three-dimensional landscape models. New ways of attractively and hospitably presenting a region and its infrastructure are being provided. Users can access the geo-multimedia information via the Internet as well as Offline by local info terminals, Pocket PCs, or CDs.

  • Department of Geography, Geoinformatics & Meteorology

  • Homepage of the Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology at the University of Pretoria, South Africa

  • Geographic Learning Site

  • Geography site with maps, geographic news, country information, flags, and geography facts.

  • Blue Marble Geographics

  • Offer freeware program for viewing DGN, DWG, DXF, TAB, and MIF files.

  • Barcelona Field Studies Centre

  • Offers human and physical geography study programs in Spain to GCSE, A and IB levels. Fieldwork sites include Barcelona and the Catalan Natural Parks.

  • Worldwide Directory of Cities and Towns

  • Longitude, latitude and altitude of more than 2,800,000 towns and cities, sorted by country and then alphabetically.

  • Versamap Digital Mapping

  • Versamap draws outline maps on many map projections. Print publication quality maps, or export maps in vector graphic (WMF, CGM, DXF, ASCII) and bitmapped (BMP) formats. Text may be added to maps using any Windows font. Plot your own data in a simple ASCII format.

  • Journal of Economic Geography

  • The aims of the Journal of Economic Geography are to redefine and reinvigorate the intersection between economics and geography, and to provide a world-class journal in the field.

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