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  • Professor Lim's Instructional Website

  • A website for students of comparative and world politics. Hundreds of links to valuable resources and original content, including online texts.

  • Policy Cycle Analysis - The Insurance Crisis

  • There are two complementary purposes to this document. One purpose is to give an understanding of the insurance crisis, from a particular point of observation. The other purpose is to assist the reader to a greater understanding of the public policy- making process in Australia. The document was created for laypersons who wish to understand more about how to lobby or advocate the issues of interest to them or just understand more of what is taking place in the Australian political context. This is achieved through presenting a case study of the policy process of the recent insurance crisis to draw attention to how issues become publicly understood and how those understandings influence response of government.

  • Public Policy 2302: Problems and Policy in American Politics

  • This is a public policy course delivered via internet.

  • Problem Based Learning for High School Government, Buck Institute for Education

  • Engaging, classroom-tested, standards-based curriculum materials and teacher training programs for high school teachers of U.S. Government/Civics. Units available for free downloading.

  • Foreign Policy Association

  • The Foreign Policy Association (FPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the American public to learn more about the world. Founded in 1918, FPA provides independent publications, programs and forums to increase public awareness of, and foster popular participation in, matters relating to those policy issues.

  • Institute on Global Cooperation and Conflict

  • The University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) facilitates innovative, rigorous research into the causes of international conflict and cooperation. Founded in 1983 as a research unit serving the entire UC system, IGCC's multi-campus structure allows it to build research teams from all ten UC campuses and the UC-managed Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories, providing broad-based links to the U.S. and foreign governments, and policy institutes from around the globe. Main offices are located at UC San Diego. IGCC is committed to educating the next generation of international problem-solvers and peacemakers through its research and teaching activities. The institute is one of the largest sources of dissertation and fellowship support on international studies in the United States. IGCC supports individual faculty and graduate student research throughout the UC system as well as international affairs programs on each UC campus.

  • The Department of Government at the LSE

  • These pages provide information about the Department's structure, programmes and research activities, as well as details about our academics, affiliated and administrative staff and their contact details.

  • Think Centre Asia

  • THINK CENTRE, is an independent political think-tank which critically examines issues related to political development; democracy; rule of law; human rights and civil society. THINK CENTRE (ASIA) will work on the premise that its strength and credibility lies in the fact that it translates words into action on a regional basis. This will be the primary measure of its success.

  • Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources

  • An extensive collection of over 3,200 links to the major political and governmental sites around the world. The site is updated almost daily.

  • RAND Institute

  • RAND researchers operate on a uniquely broad front, assisting public policymakers at all levels, private sector leaders in many industries, and the public at large in efforts to strengthen the nation's economy,maintain its security, and improve its quality of life.

  • The Comparative Politics Conference

  • Conference held annually at the University of Bergen in Norway to discuss important issues about society, primarily from a comparative political viewpoint.

  • Political Science Quarterly

  • A nonpartisan journal, PSQ is edited for both political scientists and general readers with a keen interest in public and foreign affairs. Each issue contains six topical articles and about 35 current book reviews. The reviews are timely and thorough so that readers are kept up-to-date on new literature.

  • Caspian Sea Region

  • An analysis of what happens when oil, religion, ethnicity, and politics are all intermingled together in the same region.

  • Hot Topics in International Economics

  • Research that focuses on international economics-related issues, some of which are related to trade policy.

  • Issues in Science & Technology

  • A publication of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Cecil and Ida Green Center for the Study of Science and Society at the University of Texas at Dallas.

  • Swiss Evaluation Society

  • Organization intended to foster the exchange of information and experience in the field of evaluation between politics, administration, academia, NGOs and the private sector. Site includes information about conferences, working groups, teaching courses, membership, standards, publications, jobs in the field, and links.

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