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  • Larry Coben Archaeology Page

  • Archaeological research of University of Pennsylvania archaeologist Larry Coben. Includes his research at the Inka (Inca) site of Inkallakta (Incallajta, Inkallajta, Incallacta), Bolivia and Carabaya, Peru, as well as on the Archaeology of Performance

  • The Archaeological & Anthropological Society of Victoria

  • The AASV has a wide and varied membership including members of the general public who are interested to know more about archaeology and anthropology, students and academics studying these disciplines, and professional archaeologists and anthropologists. As can be learned from the history of the Society, it was formed by the joining together of two individual Societies, both of which owed their origin to the interest generated by public lectures given by enthusiastic university teachers. The society aims to provide a forum for lectures and outings which offer interested individuals an opportunity to learn more about archaeology and anthropology in a friendly environment. The lecture series, which covers a wide range of archaeological and anthropological topics - both Australian and international - take place on the first Thursday of the month, between March and November. Lectures are held in The Age Theatre at Melbourne Museum, Carlton. The Annual General Meeting is a special occasion with a guest speaker selected for his or her ability to present an excellent and topical lecture. Field trips of one to two days duration are usually run twice a year and two longer trips have been undertaken in the past few years, one to Mootwingee and the Olary region and the other to Lake Mungo and Sturt National Park. The Society's publications are The Artefact, an annual scientific journal, and the Bulletin which is a bi-monthly newsletter providing details of the annual program and a summary of recent lectures.

  • Tlahuica culture home page

  • This web site has information on the Tlahuica culture of Morelos, Mexico. Tlahuica was a regional variant of Aztec culture. There is information on archaeological sites, excavations by Michael E. Smith, and historical documents

  • Haemotaphonomy. The "strage" world of bloodstains' cells.

  • Brief overview of research on red blood cell morphology in bloodstains and its application to archaeology and paleoanthropology.

  • Research in Underwater Archaeology

  • Scientific exploration of the maritime world includes studies of ships, harbors, and human settlements. Florida State University research provides undergraduate and graduate experience in archaeology through the Department of Anthropology.

  • The Ben Lawers Historic Landscape Project

  • The Ben Lawer Historic Landscape is a five-year long programme of archaeological and historical research into the past landscapes of the Central Highlands of Scotland.

  • Selected Anthropological Writings of B. K. Swartz, Jr.

  • Provides selected pdf publications and by link personal vita which includes full list of publication titles.

  • American Center of Oriental Research

  • ACOR is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting research and publication in the humanities and social sciences as related to Jordan and the Middle East. ACOR's four main program areas include a fellowship program, archaeological projects, assistance to archaeological projects, and a publication series.

  • Commonwealth Cultural Resource Group

  • CCRG offers clients integrated teams who design and implement projects specific to our clients' needs. Our professional staff have expertise in prehistoric, historic, and industrial archaeology; history and architectural history; preservation planning and compliance document preparation; and specialized laboratory analyses.

  • Chepstow Archaeological Society

  • The Chepstow Archaeological Society is an informal, friendly registered charity group with the aim of promoting an interest in the local archaeology and history - particularly "HANDS-ON" Aspects. We concern ourselves with the area between the rivers Severn, Wye and Usk in GWENT or the March County of MONMOUTHSHIRE.

  • Furrythrottle website for Wes Bogner and Art! Art! Productions

  • Online photo galleries of prehistoric rock art imagery from the Big Island of Hawai'i. These petroglyphs were engraved on the lava landscapes approximately 2000 years ago.

  • The Megalithic Portal

  • The huge ancient site database with maps, news, community features "a wonderful guide" - the New York Times "useful, fun, and accurate" - Archaeology Magazine

  • Pacific Consulting Services, Inc. (PCSI)

  • PCSI provides archaeological consulting services throughout Hawaii and the Pacific. Services range from Inventory Surveys through Historic Preservation Planning and Archaeological Monitoring during construction. PCSI also provides extensive GIS services for managing client data.

  • Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports

  • Reports on archaeological fieldwork in Scotland.

  • Program in Settlement Archaeology at METU-Turkey

  • The aim of the Program in Settlement Archaeology is to provide students with a solid academic background in archaeological theory, research techniques and modern interpretative methods with particular emphasis on settlement and environmental archaeology. Settlement archaeology is the study of the selection criteria and implantation of settlements in the landscape, interrelationships between cities and their rural surroundings, the impact of human occupation on the natural environment and vice versa under past conditions. Settlement archaeology has as its aim the holistic reconstruction of the cultures of ancient settlements and urban communities and their hinterlands. The objectives of the program are to train students in both the scientific-technological and social science-humanities disciplines necessary to conduct archaeological research according to contemporary international standards. The primary purpose is to train students as advanced scholars in settlement archaeology for university level teaching, research and active participation in national and international archaeological projects in Turkey.

  • ArchNet

  • The archaeology section of the World Wide Web Virtual Library.

  • Explorator

  • A free weekly newsletter from David Meadows of The Atrium, linking to newspaper and magazine stories on archaeology or history prior to about 1700. Archived at Yahoo Groups.

  • Conservation of Archaeological Material

  • Research carried out at St Andrews University on new techniques for conserving archaeological material from wetland and marine sites.

  • Great Excavations

  • This companion site to a UK Channel 4 documentary series follows author David Romer on a tour through the origins and history of archaeology, especially its approach to ancient civilizations.

  • ICA 2003 - International Congress of Americanists

  • Re-thinking the Americas at the threshold of the 21st century. July, 2003. Santiago, Chile.

  • MOM and Atlantis, Mammoths, and Crustal Shift

  • From the Talk.Origins newsgroup archive, disputing the "facts" of The Mysterious Origins of Man tv series

  • New Approaches to Ancient Science

  • A Three-Year Colloquium of the American Philological Association.

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