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  • Axess Magazine

  • Axess is a magazine, based in Stockholm, devoted chiefly to the liberal arts and social sciences. The magazine strives, above all, for quality of thought and writing, but without being defined by a single political position. The hallmark of Axess is the essay; characterised by a probing, investigative approach.

  • Dr. Alex Yu's website

  • Dr. Alex Yu's papers on quantiative research methodology, educational and psychological research, and philosophy.

  • The European Social Survey

  • Led from City University, London, the European Social Survey is a multi-funded regular survey designed to chart and explain the attitudes and values of Europe‚Äôs diverse populations. It covers over 20 countries and employs the most rigorous methodology.

  • id21 - the development research reporting service

  • id21 is the free development research reporting service from IDS, funded by the UK's Department for International Development. Visitors to the site can search the online database of over 2000 digests of development research.

  • The Microfinance Gateway

  • The Microfinance Gateway is a public forum for the microfinance industry at large that offers a wealth of tailored services for microfinance professionals, including resource centers on specific topics in microfinance, a searchable library of electronic documents, a consultant database, a jobs and events listing service, and specialized discussion groups. The Gateway's resources constitute the most comprehensive source of information on microfinance on the World Wide Web, featuring over 3,000 online documents, over 800 listings of microfinance organizations and more than 220 consultant curricula vitae. Each month, the Gateway receives approximately 15,000 different visitors from over 100 countries. You can learn more about our organization in the About Us section: You can find out more about microfinance in the Frequently Asked Questions section:

  • REDI

  • REDI is an independent research institution officially in Surabaya. The presence of REDI is an effort to give more contribution to the society in regional area to develop the economic potential, both in micro and macro scale. This is a part of the effort in maximizing the available potential in the regional area and improving the wealth of the society.

  • SARRC [South Asian Research and Resource Centre]

  • South Asian Research and Resource Centre (SARRC) is a recognised, non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental organisation pioneering the resource and documentation services in the Pakistani non-profit sector. A unique repository of the wealth of information on the history, politics and socio-economic developments which have been focal to the evolution of history and society of the region, the SARRC has acquired, categorised, preserved and documented vital information data, fact-sheets, unpublished materials, manuscripts, policy papers and official reports of various commissions and committees. Almost all the important newspapers, periodicals, books, reports and documents published in the last two centuries are preserved under one roof.

  • Semiotic Engineering Research Group

  • Semiotic Engineering was motivated by the idea of bringing interactive software designers onto the HCI stage, as the creators of communicative artifacts of a peculiar nature. In our view, interactive computer applications are one-shot messages, sent from system designers to system users, about how to interact with the system in order to achieve a certain range of goals. Interaction is achieved when users and system exchange messages in a uniquely engineered interface language. The goal of Semiotic Engineering is to characterize HCI in semiotic terms, and to provide a series of models, methods, tools and techniques that will help us understand and build better interactive artifacts.

  • Social Policy Research Unit

  • The Social Policy Research Unit has an international reputation for excellence in research in social policy, especially health and social care, poverty, social security and employment. The research informs the development and evaluation of policies and professional practice in these areas and contributes to public and academic debates.

  • The Research Value Mapping Program

  • Maps the career paths of researchers against the features of the research projects they worked it. Information on people, history, papers, and current research.

  • Research Methods in Psychology

  • A text for research methods courses in psychology.

  • Our People, Our Resources

  • Online handbook illustrating action-research concepts, methods and tools, for primary environmental care at the interface of population dynamics and natural resource management for rural communities.

  • Human Communication Research Centre

  • An interdisciplinary research group at the University of Edinburgh with interests in dialogue, mechanisms of language processing, graphics & language, and technology.

  • Curran, Patrick J.

  • Resources related to statistics, quantitative methods, and longitudinal modeling (U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).

  • Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition, Indiana University

  • Interdisciplinary center for research in cognitive science, directed by Douglas Hofstadter

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