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  • Linguistica: Unsupervised learning of natural language morphology

  • Our primary project is the development of a program that automatically learns the morphology (word structure) of any natural language which is given to it. Our web site includes links to the software and a number of relevant papers and sites.

  • Learn Spanish: A Free Online Tutorial

  • Grammar, vocabulary, verbs, and more. Lots of oral exercises, all free. CD course for serious students.

  • Warlinenn - the Cornish Language online

  • A bilingual site in Cornish and English owned by the Cornish Language Fellowship, Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek. It has news, information, word lists, phrasebook, placenames and a childrens' page, all in and about the ancient Celtic tongue of Cornwall.

  • Eurolang

  • News agency and NPO that covers the latest news on regional and minoritised languages in Europe.


  • This site is meant to be a portal for linguists of all denominations, especially general linguists. Apart from the LingLInk link collection, we want to offer the opportunity to add own texts or features to this site e.g. by publishig own papers on this server.

  • Free online translator for English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian and Russian languages

  • Free online translation of texts, Web sites and E-mails for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages. The services are powered by the advanced PROMT XT Machine Translation Technology.

  • Phonetics and Linguistics UCL

  • Degree programmes and short courses in Phonetics and Linguistics, research publications, teaching materials, linguistic data and software tools for speech processing.

  • Rejoice-In-Life Seminars: Traditional nutrition and the mind-body connection.

  • Dietary guidelines and cultured foods recipes: Weston A Price, sourdough bread, kefir, sauerkraut, Kombucha, ginger beer, etc), NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Osho Meditation and Tai Chi.

  • Slovio Language, Universal Simplified Language

  • Slovio is a simplified language understood by some 400 million people around the world, withtout prior study. It is based largely on the mutually understood Slavic languages group. Simplified grammar, pronounciation and spelling. Ideal for internet communication, sales, advertising, business, research.

  • Thamil Paadanool - Learn Tamil

  • Learn Tamil - an online version of a textbook to teach Tamil to those who know English. Written for kids in middle school and older

  • Corpus Linguistics

  • Links to corpora, software, papers, bibliographies and additional sites.

  • Zellner Keller, Brigitte

  • Annotated links to her publications in linguistics with focus on temporal structure of speech.

  • Visual Communication

  • Interdisciplinary journal. Published three times a year. Explores the structures and histories of the languages and technologies and their relation to those of other modes of communication. Editorial board, subscription information, about the journal, reviews, notes for authors, table of contents, online sample copy, advertising details, indexing and abstracting.

  • Foreign language resources

  • Collection of foreign language links designed for beginning and intermediate foreign language students.

  • Approaching Natural Language Via Mediaeval Logic

  • Article by Gyula Klima.

  • Sites of Significance for Semiotics

  • Sites of Significance for Semiotics.

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