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  • The Cambridge-MIT Institute

  • The Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI) is a pioneering partnership between Cambridge University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). CMI was set up in 2000 to enhance the competitiveness, productivity and entrepreneurship of the UK economy by improving the effectiveness of knowledge exchange between university and industry, educating leaders and developing programmes for change in universities, industry and government. CMI core areas are business, competitiveness, education and research.

  • Natural Environment Research Council

  • NERC funds and manages scientific research and training in the UK, covering the full range of atmospheric, earth, terrestrial and aquatic sciences, from the depth of the oceans to the upper atmosphere.

  • Office of Science & Technology

  • The Office of Science and Technology leads for Government in supporting excellent science, engineering and technology and their uses to benefit society and the economy.

  • Conchologists of America

  • Grants in amounts up to $1,500 will be available annually to qualified persons undertaking field or laboratory research on recent or fossil mollusks. Awards are made only to citizens or permanent residents of the Americas or to students attending graduate schools in the United States.

  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation - Grants-in-Aid

  • Program information, applications, and other details on research grants for graduate students.

  • Cushman Foundation Awards

  • Joseph A. Cushman Awards for Student Research, including the newly named William V. Sliter Research Award. These awards, each with a maximum amount of $1000, are to support research dealing with foraminifera or allied groups.

  • The Chrysalis Scholarship Fund

  • Grant for women graduate students to cover thesis write up costs during those critical, final days from the Association for Women Geoscientists.

  • American Malacological Society (Union)

  • Awards to provide research money for undergraduate and graduate students working in malacology.

  • The Paul Sanders Fund

  • Fund supported by the Cincinnati Dry Dredgers offering small grants to researchers working on fossils of the Cincinnatian Series and other fossils in the area.

  • Paleontological Society

  • Grants in aid to students.

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