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  • InfraMation Infrared Applications Conference

  • InfraMation 2004 is for anyone seeking innovative new ways to reduce costs, improve worker safety and improve productivity by averting shutdowns and extending the life of capital equipment using infrared thermography. Join us and learn from the experts in the field as they cover such fields as plant predictive maintenance, thermal research and development, on-line process monitoring and control, and non-destructive testing. Take advantage of this once-a-year, largest and most informative conference that can help you get the highest return on investment out of your infrared camera.

  • 2nd International Congress on Marine Science and Technology, Alicante, Spain. April 22-26, 2003.

  • Oceans III Millenium Congress covering oceanology and human development between the coastline and the continantal margin.

  • ISPRS Commission IV Symposium

  • 2002 Joint International Symposium and Exhibition on GeoSpatial Theory, Processing and Applications to be held July 9-12, 2002 in Ottawa Canada.

  • Paleontological Society Programs

  • Upcoming symposiums, meetings, and other events.

  • ISEC 2001

  • International Space Environment Conference focusing on space weather held July 23-27, 2001 in Queenstown, New Zealand. Abstracts from the conference available online.

  • 7th Annual Deepwater Technologies & Developments, Houston, Texas. September 19 - 20, 2002.

  • The conference will discuss the latest technological improvements, deepwater activities, and assemble the experts in deepwater drilling to confer on solutions to technicological barriers.

  • 3rd Canadian Conference on Geotechnique and Natural Hazards ( Geohazards 2003 )

  • Conference to be held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on June 8-10, 2003 highlighting recent advances in geohazard risk assessment and mitigation in Canada.

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