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  • is an educational, scientific, and non-profit organization committed to improving understanding of natural hazards. We provide information about all types of atmospheric and geologic hazards, as well as access to hazards warning information and educational resources.

  • AsociaciĆ³n Dominicana de MitigaciĆ³n de Desastres (ADMD)

  • ADMD is an NGO specialized in disaster mitigation and based in the Dominican Republic. Please send questions and suggestions to

  • MegaSecur Inc.

  • Manufacturing of instant portable water barriers for Emergency Flood Protection. Our Water-Gate barriers do not require any water or air inflation nor do they need filling. Simply unroll the water barrier and it will deploy itself in just a few minutes. All barrier models are compatible to attach together and no metal anchoring or machinery is necessary. A person alone can install the Water-Gate with ease.

  • Eye In The Tropics

  • Eye in the Tropics Storm Video Photography, Homepage of Storm Chaser Mike Theiss. This page has amazing pictures of Hurricanes, Lightning, Tornadoes, Waterspouts, Hail, Wildlife, and more..

  • Kelso, WA Landslide

  • Details of the Kelso, WA, USA landslide, the second largest suburban landslide in the US. Contains photos as well as geologic reports, lawsuits, and links.

  • ProVention Consortium

  • The ProVention Consortium is a global coalition of governments, international organizations, academic institutions, the private sector and civil society organizations dedicated to increasing the safety of vulnerable communities and to reducing the impact of disasters in developing countries.

  • Directorate Volcanology & Geological Hazards Mitigation

  • Monitoring volcano, early warning system for volcano in Indonesia. Landslide, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Geological hazards, mapping.

  • Why the US Is Becoming More Vulnerable to Natural Disasters

  • Despite increases in what we know about natural disasters and how to protect ourselves against them, population growth continues along the coasts, where loss of life and property from these disasters are greatest.

  • The Flash Flood Laboratory at Colorado State University

  • Problem-focused, multi-disciplinary center providing applied research, education and a communication forum to reduce the future impact of flash flood disasters.

  • Wildfire Update - Washington and Idaho

  • Current status on the wildfire season for Washington and Idaho with instruction on how people living in fire prone, forested areas can protect their homes.

  • Image Collection, Natural Disasters

  • Images of Recent Natural Disasters from the Remote Sensing Lab.

  • Avalanche Centers and Organizations

  • Liste of organizations from the Westwide Avalanche Network.

  • Winter Storms

  • A guide to survival produced by the United States Department of Commerce.

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