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  • US Geological Survey

  • Use GEO-DATA Explorer (GEODE) to access, view, and download information from geo-spatial databases containing a broad spectrum of data produced by the USGS and other government agencies.

  • Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences

  • The Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences (TJES) is a publication of the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK). The journal was inaugurated in 1976 and has, since 1991, been published under its current name as the continuation of the former TÜBİTAK Doğa Journal. The TJES is an international English-language journal for the publication of significant research and comprehensive reviews in all fields of earth and planetary sciences, such as geology, geophysics, geochemistry, paleontology, oceanography, petrology, mineralogy, and mineral-deposits research. It provides a medium for interdisciplinary papers that would be of interest to many different specialists. In addition to original and review articles, the journal also publishes discussions of papers which have already appeared in the journal. Book reviews are welcome. There are no page charges for papers published in the journal.

  • Center for Earth and Environmental Science at Indiana University~Purdue University Indianapolis

  • The Center for Earth and Environmental Science (CEES) at IUPUI was established with a mission to promote environmental stewardship through interdisciplinary research, education, and public awareness programs. Affiliated with the Department of Geology in the School of Science, CEES utilizes strong science-based approaches to environmental research. The Center works to achieve its mission by bringing together research faculty from throughout IUPUI and from surrounding Universities to address complex interdisciplinary environmental problems. We partner with government agencies, corporations and civic organizations to conduct research and translate the results of this research to K-12 students and educators, environmental professionals, government agencies, university students and the general public. Four research areas form the core competencies of the center. These focus areas cross traditional science boundaries and facilitate science-based decision making. These competencies include: • Wetland Ecosystem Restoration • Water Resources Evaluation • Fate and Movement of Environmental Contaminants • Environmental Data Management, Mapping and Visualization

  • Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources

  • We are the Geologic Survey for the State of Washington. Our website contains links to our pages for geologic hazards, geologic mapping, our publications, the library, mining and regulatory functions and geoscience education.

  • Exterra GeoScience Main Page

  • Specialists in sub-surface geological studies, primarily for the petroleum industry. Processing and analysis of borehole image tools and dipmeters.

  • Geology

  • US Geological society

  • GeologyRocks

  • Earth Science resource centre, with tutorials, Q & A, pictures, forums and some games.

  • Geostatistics for the Environmental Sciences

  • Gamma Design Software provides information about GS+ Geostatistics for the Environmental Sciences, a geostatistical analyis program well-known for its versatility and ease of use. Used worldwide by environmental scientists and engineers to understand and quantify the spatial variability underlying most environmental features. Includes spatial autocorrelation analysis (e.g., variograms, rodograms, correlograms), interpolation (e.g. kriging and conditional simulation), and mapping (2-d and 3-d). Output compatible with major GIS packages.

  • Gems and Gem Minerals

  • Extensive information on the gemology and geology of selected gem minerals, including diamond, corundum, beryl, quartz, opal and others, from an undergraduate course at the Jackson School of Geosciences, U. of Texas at Austin.

  • Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland - GEUS

  • The work field of GEUS - geoscientific studies, research, consultancy and geological mapping - primarily covers Denmark and Greenland. GEUS is a research and advisory institution in the Ministry of the Environment

  • Illinois State Geological Survey

  • The ISGS has been studying our planet since 1905. We will celebrate our 100th anniversary in May of 2005. We run field trips for the public 4 times per year and provide information to citizens and companies about the geology of Illinois.

  • Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience TNO -National Geological Survey-

  • TNO-NITG applies geosciences for a sustainable management and use of the subsurface and its natural resources Mission The Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience TNO – National Geological Survey is the central geoscience institute in the Netherlands for information and research to promote the sustainable management and use of the subsurface and its natural resources Characteristics - The Institute was founded on 1 September 1997 by merging two existing geoscientific institutes -The Institute belongs to the public knowledge infrastructure of the Netherlands -The Institute is advised and its policy is endorsed by the Board of the Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience TNO – National Geological Survey -The Institute is the Dutch branch of the European Union’s EuroGeoSurveys and the international networks of public institutes for applied geoscientific research and advisory services -The Institute has some 400 staff (60 of whom are seconded) and an annual turnover of more than 35 million euro

  • North Africa Research Group GeoNet

  • A site about all aspects about the geology in North Africa, including petroleum exploration.

  • RockWalk Park: The Story of our Planet -- The Story of our People

  • Outdoor geological garden display of large ore samples illustrating rock structures and types, minerals, and the influence that these have had on culture over time.

  • Sifnificant Books Home Page

  • Science, Technology and other scholarly used books for sale.

  • Vanpetro

  • Geological sample preparation and consultation Laboratory.

  • Wyoming State Geological Survey

  • The Wyoming State Geological Survey's mission is to promote the beneficial and environmentally sound use of Wyoming's vast geologic, mineral, and energy resources while helping protect the public from geologic hazards. By providing accurate information and expanding knowledge through the application of geologic principles, the Geological Survey contributes to economic growth and improvement in the quality of life for Wyoming's citizens.

  • Evolving Earth Foundation

  • Earth science and natural science resources, articles and online education.

  • Grand Canyon 3-D Tour

  • Three-dimensional geologic tour of the Grand Canyon with computer generated aerial pictures every 4 miles for the entire canyon used to illustrate the geologic narrative.

  • EarthSoft

  • Environmental Software Specialists. Data management systems for chemistry, geology, hydrogeology.

  • Study of the Recent Structural Evolution of Continental Basins in Altai-Sayan

  • PhD thesis on the active tectonics of Northeast Altai in central Asia focusing on structural geology, paleostress analysis, seismics and radon gas geochemistry.

  • The Gas Hydrate Database

  • Assembles data from disparate datasets related to gas hydrates within several disciplines. Offers project background, data entry instructions, and contents descriptions.

  • U.S. Geological Survey: Audience Tracks

  • Earth science resources for teachers and students. Links to maps, news agencies, student employment, the USGS learning web and other resources.

  • CBC News: Volcano

  • Offers information on volcanoes, news stories and video reports.

  • Boggy's Geology links

  • Organized collection of internet links to sites related to geology, including paleontology, geology jobs, and geologic museums. European emphasis.

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