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  • Internatioanl Associations of Geomorphologists

  • International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) is a scientific, non-governmental and non-profit organisation, whose principal objectives are development and promotion of geomorphology as a science through international co-operation and dissemination of knowledge of geomorphology. The IAG was founded at the Second International Conference on Geomorphology in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) in 1989 in order to strengthen international geomorphology. IAG fulfils its aims through the establishment of working groups and task forces, organisation of conferences, publication activity and information exchange. Membership of the IAG is normally by countries. At present, 58 countries are affiliated to the IAG through their National Scientific Members.

  • The Palaeontological Association

  • This is the Website of the Palaeontological Association, an organisation founded in 1957 to promote the study of palaeontology and its allied sciences through publication of academic journals (Palaeontology and Special Papers in Palaeontology), Newsletters, a series of field guides, regular meetings and field excursions, and a program of annual awards. The Palaeontological Association is based in the UK and is registered as a UK charity, but its members are drawn from all over the world. The interests of members of the Association encompass all aspects of palaeontology, including macropalaeontology, micropalaeontology, palaeobotany, vertebrate palaeontology, palaeoecology, and biostratigraphy.

  • AGU - American Geophysical Union

  • Earth, oceans, atmosphere, space, and planets. AGU is an international scientific society of 35,000 members. Dedicated to advancing the understanding of Earth and its environment in space and making results available to the public.

  • Eastern New York Society of Land Surveyors

  • Official website with society news, information, proprietor list and meeting schedule.

  • Canadian Quaternary Association (CANQUA)

  • A group devoted to the study of the Quaternary period. Site has organization information and links to related sites.

  • Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

  • exists for the advancement of meteorology and oceanography in Canada.

  • IEEE GRS-S Data Fusion Committee

  • Information on the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society's Data Fusion Committee which is charged with seeking to advance geoscience and remote sensing science and technology.

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