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  • The History of the Sextant

  • Here is a desctiption with illustrations of the evolution of the instruments used for finding one's position on the surface of the earth. The story starts with the early Arab kamal and ends with the sextant used for position is space used by Gemini IV.

  • PICES Technical Committee for Data Exchange

  • The North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), an intergovernmental scientific organization, was established in 1992 to promote and coordinate marine research in the northern North Pacific and adjacent seas.
    PICES Technical Committee for Data Exchange has the following terms of reference:
    • Identify the data management requirements of PICES.
    • Develop strategic plans to meet these requirements.
    • Recommend establishment of ad hoc task groups to deal with specific functions of TCODE.
    • Review the progress of task groups and provide Annual Reports to Science Board on the work of TCODE.
    • Advise the PICES Secretariat on its data exchange activities.

  • The Beach Erosion Authority for Clean Oceans and Nourishment

  • BEACON is a joint powers agency consisting of the Counties of Santa Barbara and Ventura and the Cities of Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Ventura, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, and Goleta. BEACON was formed in 1986 to foster coordination and cooperation by public and private agencies in the protection, maintenance, and enhancement of the beaches and shorelines in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. BEACON's goal is to develop a unified means of protecting and preserving beaches within Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

  • Chelsea Technologies Group

  • Chelsea Technologies Group specialises in underwater technologies ranging from acoustics and sonar products through to comprehensive environmental monitoring systems.  Satisfying the needs of both the civil and military markets Chelsea provides towed oceanographic vehicles, multi parameter oceanographic sensors, acoustic sources and telemetry systems, echo repeaters and piezocomposite transducers plus world leading technology in AUV autopilots and correlation sonar velocity logs.

  • Music from the Ocean

  • Sonification of ocean buoy spectral data.

  • Elemental Innovation, Inc. Total Coastal Protection

  • Manufacturer of wave attenuator, for use in coastal zones and harbors to prevent wave and wake damage.

  • Emu Limited

  • Data acquisition, survey and consultancy services in rivers, estuaries and seas

  • Environmental Tracing

  • Emu Ltd provides specialist environmental tracing, survey and consultancy services for marine, estuarine and fluvial environments worldwide.

  • InterRidge

  • InterRidge is an international and interdisciplinary initiative concerned with all aspects of mid-ocean ridge research. It is designed to encourage scientific and logistical coordination between researchers in all countries of the world, with particular focus on problems that cannot be addressed as efficiently by nations acting alone or in limited partnerships. InterRidge promotes the sharing of ridge-related technologies and facilitates internationally collaborative projects. InterRidge especially encourages the involvement of less industrialized countries in the study, use and protection of ridges. InterRidge has a clear obligation to inform and involve both the public and governments in and about ridge research.


  • OCEANOLOGIA is an English-language international quarterly journal of basic research in marine sciences with emphasis on northern European seas. The journal is issued by the Institute of Oceanology PAS in Sopot (Poland) in co-operation with the Polish National Committee of Oceanic Research. Open to authors world-wide, OCEANOLOGIA publishes primarily fundamental research results expanding knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological processes in marine environment and their models. Preference, however, is given to papers covering aspects of the seas of northern Europe and the Arctic. OCEANOLOGIA is listed in ISI Science Citation Index Expanded. The journal is published as print and on-line. The full-text articles are available in PDF format.

  • KC-Denmark

  • KC-Denmark is a global supplier of oceanographic equipment,our product range includes: Frame Supported Box Corers, Van Veen and Ekman Grabs, Multi-Corers, Piston Corers and Gravity Corers, CTD-Winches, Winches for boats of all sizes, Plankton Nets of all sizes, Plankton Pumps, Biological sampling equipment, Multi-water, Sampling Stations, Sediment Traps,FST-Hemispheres, Electric shock fishing System

  • The History of the Sextant

  • Here is the story of the evolution of the instruments mariners, aviators, explorers and surveyors have used to find their position on the earth. The story begins with the early Arab kamal and goes to the sextant used for positioning in space by Gemini IV. The richly illustrated article describes how the instruments were used.

  • NEPTUNE Canada

  • The North-East Pacific Time-series Undersea Networked Experiments -- NEPTUNE will be the world’s largest cable-linked seafloor observatory. It will expand the boundaries of ocean exploration and give us a new way of studying and understanding our planet. NEPTUNE is a joint U.S.-Canada venture led by the University of Washington and, in Canada, by the University of Victoria.

  • Underwater Fluorescence Viewing and Photography

  • NightSea designs and manufactures specialized equipment (lights and filters) that enable science and sport divers to observe, photograph, or videotape fluorescence underwater.

  • Nova Ray Patented High Current ROV

  • Patented Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles. 55 pounds, All digital, Tow or use Thrusters.

  • Ocean Instruments Inc

  • Box Corers, Multicorers, Bongo Systems

  • The Oceanscience Group, Ltd.

  • The Oceanscience Group is a leader in development of oceanographic and hydrologic deployment equipment for ADCPs. Our major products are remotely controlled and tethered boats for ADCPs; they ship ready-to-use for river discharge, bathymetry, and general estuarine and oceanographic studies. We also manufacture the popular Sea Spider and Barnacle seafloor platforms, custom buoys and floats, and buoy-of-opportunity ADCP mounts for making real-time current measurements from existing navigation buoys. And, we manufacture ruggedized, water-resistant communications systems: spread spectrum, WiFi, Bluetooth and Iridium.

  • Naval Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction (NOAP) Laboratory

  • NOAP Lab wholly dedicated to oceanic and atmospheric related study with a broad spectrum from basic research to operational development. We are conducting research and development toward accurate ocean-atmospheric prediction on local, regional, and global scales as well as the development of coupling between meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) systems and warfare simulation systems to support Naval Operations such as mine warfare and undersea warfare.

  • Precision Measurement Engineering

  • We manufacture instruments and sensors for high resolution measurement of electrical conductivity, temperature, fluorescence, turbidity, and PAR concentration in water.

  • Tropical Atmosphere Ocean Project (TAO)

  • Real-time data from moored ocean buoys for improved detection, understanding, and prediction of El Nino and La Nina.

  • Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory

  • Public Sector Research Laboratory, part of the UK Natural Environment Research Council. The web site gives an outline of our contact information, marine research, data management and products.

  • The Bulletin of Marine Science

  • The Bulletin of Marine Science is dedicated to the dissemination of high quality research dealing with the tropical and subtropical waters of the world's oceans. All aspects of marine science are treated by the Bulletin of Marine Science, including papers in marine biology, biological oceanography, fisheries, marine affairs, applied marine physics, marine geology and geophysics, marine and atmospheric chemistry, meterology and physical oceanography.

  • Geo-scientific instrumentation for marine sedimentary research

  • Manufacturers of instrumentation for the determination of sediment stability. We also offer bespoke design and manufacture services, from small one offs to large production runs.

  • European Underwater Technology Centre (EUTEC)

  • Remote underwater systems and operations using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), we can provide personnel, underwater vehicles and sensors to support underwater research operations worl-wide

  • Marine Geodesy

  • Topics cover topography and mapping, satellite altimetry, bathymetry, positioning, precise navigation, boundary demarcation and determination, tsunamis, plate/tectonics, geoid determination, acoustics and space instrumentation, ground truth, and system calibration.

  • Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE)

  • GRACE will be able to map the Earth's gravity fields by making accurate measurements of the distance between two satellites, using GPS and a microwave ranging system. It will provide scientists from all over the world with an efficient and cost-effective way to map the Earth's gravity fields with unprecedented accuracy. The results from this mission will yield crucial information about the distribution and flow of mass within the Earth and it's oceans and surroundings.

  • UK National Oceanographic Library

  • Includes the Oceanis database system, containing over 255,000 records covering the fields of ocean and earth sciences.

  • Exchange Processes at the Ocean Margins, Liège, May 8-12 2000

  • The 32nd International Liège Colloquium provides the opportunity to consider how deep oceanic and shallower shelf seas interact in ways not yet fully understood.

  • MRI

  • Marine Research Institute (Iceland)

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