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  • Australian Storm Chasing and Stock Photograhy

  • Australian Storm Chasing and Stock Photograhy consists of Australian and US Severe Weather photography and videos.

  • Australian Bureau of Meteorology

  • The Bureau's site provides a comprehensive service including the latest weather forecasts, warning and observations for all states and territories in Australia, together with hydrological infomation, climate information, some numerical weather prediction products and educational material.

  • Cyclone Storm Chasing Tours

  • Join Cyclone Storm Tours on a wild adventure through Tornado Alley in search of Supercells, Tornadoes, and Hail.

  • heat flux sensors, thermal conductivity measurement, soil thermal resistivity

  • Specialists in heat flux and thermal conductivity measuerment.

  • Met Engineering Limited

  • U.K. based company, sourcing and supplying meteorological instrumentation, equipment and systems for professional users, worldwide. Business also offers expert engineering services for installation and commissioning, maintenance and calibration, etc.

  • weather stations, sensors, instruments information source; non-profit

  • Looking for technical and specialised information on instruments, sensors, stations for meteorology; is a non-profit information supplier

  • Royal Meteorological Society

  • The Royal Meteorological Society advances and promotes the science of meteorology by means of journals and other publications, discussion meetings, conferences, professional accreditation, grants, medals, prizes, workshops for schoolteachers and other educational activities. The Society serves not only those who earn their living through the profession of meteorology but also those whose work is affected by the weather or climate and those for whom meteorology is simply a pastime. The 'science of meteorology' includes climatology, hydrology, physical oceanography and other related disciplines.

  • Texas Electronics, Inc. - Weather Instruments

  • Texas Electronics is the Leader in Weather Instrumentation. We offer rain gauges, wind sensors, weather stations and more. We focus primarily on research grade rain gauges including our siphon rain gauge.

  • Storm Chasing Tours

  • Australian Thunderbolt Tours storm chase tour operators Adventures Storm Chasing Tours Storm Chasing Tours tornado adventures adventure twister tour videos video ultimate adventure powerful supercells thunderstorms tornadoes National Geographic Discovery Channel videos severe weather twisters twister tours hail experience fury Tornado Alley super storms torrential rains winds violent electrically charged countries unique spectacular scenery eastern Sydney Australia Australian USA bookings mailing list Disclaimer Privacy Policy Contact schedule register interest stormchasers hailstorms photography photos photographers tourism tourists lightning meteorology flashflood stock footage shop sales experienced dedicated mother nature thunder outdoor Sydney NSW Queensland tour schedule United States Japan United Kingdom UK US chase reports 2002 travel agency agents storms earth activity activities holidays leisure hobbies bus tours hotels motels forecasts models

  • Department of Geography, Geoinformatics & Meteorology

  • Homepage of the Department of Geography, Geoinformatics & Meteorology, University of Pretoria, South Africa

  • Vector Instruments (Windspeed Ltd)

  • Vector Instruments (Windspeed Ltd) specializes in the development and production of wind speed, wind direction and other weather sensors together with associated equipment. Our high performance Anemometers and Windvanes are widely used for windpower surveys and control applications.

  • Wright Weather for Weather Expert Testimony, Past Weather, Forensic Meteorology, Weather Experts for Expert Witness Testimony,Certified Weather Data, Environmental Assessments and Air Quality

  • We specialize in forensic weather expert witness testimony, past weather, forensic meteorology, detailed weather forecasts, weather data experts, environmental planning, Phase I assessments,climate studies, air pollution permitting, air quality and environmental impact statements or EIS.

  • Bruce Whiffen's Meteorology Page

  • Approximately 100 articles on meteorology from tutorials to impacts of meteorology on historical events, many articles with a focus on Newfoundland.

  • Weather Picture Of The Day

  • New picture of weather phenomena presented daily, including details, photo gallery, free website content, free daily picturemail and the chance to submit your own pictures.

  • Watson Weather

  • Providing forensic meteorology, storm reconstruction, and long-range weather forecast services for agriculture, energy and commodities.

  • Vortech Storm Research Organization

  • Meteorological resource page for storm chasers, including a severe thunderstorm forecasting module and a 5-day severe weather discussion and forecast.

  • InterRAD - A system by Freese-Notis Weather

  • InterRAD is both browser and special software accessed system available with NEXRAD images generated by some of the fastest systems ever. Radar pictures can be fully panned and zoomed-in upon with the InterRAD software. Free-trial access is available by request.

  • Bad Meteorology

  • Debunks some widespread misconceptions about clouds, rain, atmospheric circulation, the greenhouse effect, and other topics.

  • Columbia Weather Systems

  • Makers of the Capricorn weather stations. Systems include wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall, leaf wetness, solar radiation and soil moisture.

  • World Climate Report

  • Latest news on global climate change. Focus is on the effect of global warming on public and legislative policies.

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