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  • This program is one of the top Geomatics programs in the United States. The program offers unique B.S. in Geomatics with concentrations in Surveying Design, Geographic Information Systems & Photogrammerty, and Surveying Business. We also offer a M.S. degree in Technology with a Geomatics concentration.

  • Kartografie in Nederland

  • De site KiN heeft tot doel het bevorderen van de kennis van de kartografie in Nederland. Het is een site waar alle Nederlanders die iets willen weten op het gebied van de kartografie op terecht moeten kunnen, om een direct antwoord te vinden of om doorverwezen te worden naar de juiste plek.

  • Ohmex Portable Instruments and Software

  • Portable Echo Sounder and Tide Gauge equipment for use in shallow water hydrographic surveying and Ports/Harbours. Complete hardware and software packages for small boat systems and environmental data collection.

  • FREE Global GIS-Ready Satellite Imagery

  • the Earth Imagery Source ResMap provides free online access to GIS-ready satellite data. Imagery covering the entire globe is accessible, with resolutions ranging from 1 km to 14.25 metres for most areas, and in some selected regions 1 metre imagery is available. Over 8 Terabytes of LANDSAT imagery is available for direct and free use in GIS/CAD/RS/MS Office applications on your desktop without the need to download the data.

  • University of Otago School of Surveying

  • New Zealand’s School of Surveying, and the only CAT A Hydrographic facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Digital Earth

  • U.S. interagency Digital Earth working group: federal effort to implement Vice President Gore's Digital Earth concept (a vision for a global geospatial information network).

  • Geodesy Laboratory & PANGA Data Analysis Facility

  • They are part of a research program with the Department of Geological Sciences, Central Washington University.

  • Delft University of Technology - Department of Geodesy

  • Information on research and courses offered.

  • Navigation and Related Subjects

  • Covers celestial navigation theory, sextant errors and corrections, rhumb line caluclations and coastal navigation and conning.

  • Numerical Methods in the Geosciences

  • IMA Minisymposium held March 13-15, 2002 at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in Minneapolis.

  • Geomatics for Informed Decisions

  • Canadian organization that invests in geomatics research and development. Includes details of the program, news and membership details.

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