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  • Cancer-resistant mice-Zheng Cui

  • Genetics, immunology and cell biology of host resistance to cancer

  • backfitpro

  • Lists books on low back disorders, and back fitness.

  • The Institut Curie, fighting cancer, Hospital and Research center, side by side

  • The Curie Institute is a private foundation created by Marie Curie whose mission is the treatment, the diagnosis and research against cancer.

  • Islamic Academy of Sciences

  • The Islamic Academy of Sciences (IAS) came into being as an independent, non-political, non-governmental and non-profit making organisation of distinguished scientists and technologists dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of science and technology in the Islamic World, for the benefit of mankind. Operating from its Amman Secretariat, the Academy acts as the science advisor of Developing countries, namely assisting the decision-makers and scientists and technologists and helping them achieve an advanced level of development for their countries.;

  • Low Dose Radiation Effects

  • This site features the latest scientific data, produced by Dr. Ron Mitchel, showing thatlow doses of radiation reduce the risks of naturally occurring cancer and birth defects.

  • Graduate Program in Medical Pharmacology

  • The Graduate Program in Medical Pharmacology at The University of Arizona is oriented towards modern pharmacology, and its use in the treatment and diagnosis of human diseases and disorders. Emphasis is placed on the physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms of drug actions.

  • SpectraCell Laboratories The Leader in Functional Nutrtional Diagnostic Analysis

  • SpectraCell Laboratories offers a complete line of nutritional tests to measure functional levels of a broad range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, as well as other essential nutrients using FIA technology. The FIA offers a scientific basis for repletion of specific nutrient deficiencies, providing powerful and innovative clinical assessment tools for physicians in primary and specialty care. Lymphocytes are grown in tissue culture to determine functional intracellular deficiencies that can limit mitogenic responses and cell-mediated functions. This unique methodology takes into account the genetic, metabolic, biochemical and physiological differences in each patient.

  • The counterregulatory hormones - what are they all about?

  • A number of homeostats make use of pairs of counter-regulatory hormones to achieve very precise control of a variety of plasma constituents. The insulin/glucagon, the calcitonin/parathyroid hormone and the ADH/ANP (antidiuretic hormone/atrial natriuretic peptide) pairs are the best known examples. Counter-regulatory control, however, poses a number of theoretical problems. In the first place, the members of such pairs cannot be serving simply as backups for each other, for, if they were, diseases such as type 1 diabetes mellitus, and hypoparathyroidism would be very rare. The common occurrence of such diseases, caused by the loss of only one member of a counter-regulatory pair of hormones, suggests that homeostasis (of the blood glucose, or the plasma ionised calcium concentration, etc.) is dependent on the pair acting as a unit.

  • Are the fat soluble hormones hormones?

  • The fat soluble hormones, such as thyroxine, the sex hormones and cortisone (as well as aldosterone, and vitamin D) have physiological characteristics at variance with the concept that they act as messengers. Their physiology differs markedly from the water soluble hormoes such as insulin, glucagon, PTH, ADH, ANP etc. Lumping the fat soluble hormones together with the water soluble hormones is the cause a great deal of confusion and misconceptions about these fascinating substances.

  • The lungs: our protection against the ravages of fresh air

  • The lungs are bags containing an atmosphere that has not exsisted on earth for 500 million years or more. It is against this fossil atmosphere, and not the modern atmosphere, that we dialyse our blood. Modern air is poisonous: its oxygen content is disastrously high, and contains virtually no carbon dioxide. Protecting ourselves against the ravages of modern fresh air is achieved on the one hand by having dead-end lungs connected to the atmosphere by a long narrow tube; and, on the other hand, maintaining significant ventilation perfusion "deficiencies" in different regions of the lungs.

  • What is normal?

  • How do we determine what is normal in physiology and the health sciences?

  • Association of Medical Microbiologists

  • Professional body for professionals interested in medical microbiology and infection. Online patient information on infectious diseases.

  • The United Kingdom National Culture collection

  • Over 70,000 micro-organisms and cell lines are available. The UKNCC co-ordinates the activities, marketing and research of the UK national service collections.

  • Society for General Microbiology

  • Professional society for scientists and other workers interested in microbiology.

  • Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (BSAC Working Party)

  • Information about antimicrobial resistance surveillance programmes organised by BSAC (British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy) and links to related sites

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