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  • Microtec

  • Distributing freeware such as colony counter, pubmed searcher.

  • Wave Biotech

  • Wave Biotech is a research-based company that develops and manufactures innovative process equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Key products, such as the Wave Bioreactor®, Wave Mixer®, Hot Lips Tube Sealer® and Sterile Tube Fuser, feature disposable contact materials that eliminate cleaning and validation, thereby reducing costs in operations ranging from cell culture, media preparation, buffer dissolution, thawing process intermediates to patient-specific cell therapy in hospitals.

  • NIH Office of Biotechnology Activities

  • The NIH Office of Biotechnology Activities (OBA) promotes science, safety, and ethics in biotechnology through advancement of knowledge, enhancement of public understanding, and development of sound public policies. OBA accomplishes its mission through analysis, deliberation, and communication of scientific, medical, ethical, legal, and social issues. OBA fulfills this responsibility in such important areas of biotechnology as (1) Recombinant DNA, (2) Genetic Technologies, and (3) Xenotransplantation. Opportunities for broad public participation and ready access to information are important features of OBA activities in all three of these areas.

  • Innovative Pollution Solutions since 1934

  • Integrated creative solutions to a wide range of pollution, using bioremediation, demulsifiers, fuel additives, polymers and miscellaneous chemicals. From probiotics to keep fish, shrimp and prawns healthy with clean water to aquatic restoration, biodredging of lakes, rivers and ponds. Odor control solutions, especially hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, from landfills to lakes, ponds and pet accidents. Food fats and grease treatments, petroleum remediation. Lots of educational articles linked to by universities and schools.

  • BioApproaches SW

  • BioApproaches SW is a programme managed by Great Western Enterprise and funded by the South West of England Regional Development Agency to support and promote the development of the biotechnology industry in the South West of England.

  • Bio-Link

  • Bio-Link is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Center for Biotechnology.

  • Bio-Link - Educating the Biotechnology Workforce

  • Bio-link is a tremendous repository for information regarding Biotechnology in general and the education of biotechnicians specifically. Included in this vast site are; a curriculum clearinghouse, job board, virtual library, a list-serv, individual state industry & school directories and much more.

  • Automated Colony Counter, Ultrasonic Homogenizer, Zone Reader

  • Manufacturers of the OMNICON Image Analyzer with applications for Zones of Inhibition and Tumor Colony Analysis. Leaders in Automated Colony Counters and Ultrasonic Homogenizers.

  • Bryant Consulting Group

  • The Bryant Consulting Group was founded in July 2002. Head quarters are in San Diego, California with a European sales office in Germany and Canadian sales office in Montreal. We offer a wide range of services to our clients focused on sales and business development within the international life science and healthcare marketplace. For our customers we provide reliable, quality guidance for choosing life science products and services from blood samples, pathway platforms, ADME Tox software to compounds, chemistry synthesis and scale up.

  • Compugen Ltd.

  • Compugen, a genomics-based drug and diagnostic discovery company, increases the probability of successful development of novel drug and diagnostic products by incorporating ideas and methods from mathematics, computer science, and physics into the disciplines of biology, organic chemistry, and medicine.

  • Cumbre Inc.

  • Cumbre uses a variety of drug discovery technologies, including unique proteomics-based and cell-based screening, to create, develop and commercialize novel classes of antimicrobial drugs for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections.

  • CytoLab - Cytokine products

  • CytoLab Ltd. is a Biotechnology company dedicated to providing life science research with the highest quality cytokine products. Using state-of-the-art facilities, proprietary technology and devoted personnel, CytoLab has been successful in developing an extensive line of recombinant cytokines, growth factors, chemokines and neurotrophins as well as a complementary line of monoclonal and Polyclonal antibodies & ELISA kits.

  • Enzymax LLC

  • Enzymax LLC provides high quality specialty enzymes and proteins to researchers worldwide. We also offer an extremely low price for custom protein purification using our advanced protein purification technology. Our purified proteins can be detected by an "EZ-protein detector" which does not require secondary antibody. Other custom services include gene cloning and polyclonal antibody production. We will provide proteins and custom services at special contract rates for pharmaceutical, genomics, and biotecnology companies. All work will be performed in a confidential, timely, low cost, and collaborative manner. For more details please visit our web site at

  • Fluorometer Grants Program

  • Turner BioSystems donates fluorometers to life science research institutions throughout the world.

  • Gene Synthesis and related products

  • GENEART’s services and developments are based on a fully automated gene synthesis platform combined with proprietary software solutions. GENEART’s developments catalyze the generation of optimized cell factories and screening systems, combinatorial biology, modern vaccines and antibodies raised by genetic immunization. Today, GENEART is one of the globally established market leaders in the field of gene synthesis, with its revenues almost equally distributed amongst Europe and Northern America.

  • GeneGo

  • Systems biology of common human diseases. MetaCoreTM is an integrated platform for functional mining of gene expression, SAGE, SNPs, metabolomics, proteomics data in the context of cellular pathways and diseases. Second product, MetaDrugTM, is a platform for early prediction of human metabolism and toxicity of novel drug compounds

  • Contract manufacturing, from gene to clinical product

  • Henogen S.A., located on two sites in the Brussels South area, is a multipurpose biotech facility addressing biomanufacturing problems under the general umbrella “From gene to clinical product”. Henogen accompanies customers through R&D, Process Development, GMP production and Phase I and II clinical trials. Thanks to its perfusion high cell density culture process, operated under GMP compliance, Henogen now offers access to the large scale production of clinical-grade monoclonal antibodies.

  • Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Ltd.

  • Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Ltd. (HKIB), a subsidiary of the Council of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is a non-profit private company founded in 1989 with a donation from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. In 2003, The Chinese University Institute of Biotechnology (CUIB) has been formed as a parallel organization to reflect the direction relationship between the University and the Institute. Since the inception, HKIB has set itself up as an outward-looking, market-aligned downstream development organization and has been the leading force in promoting the development of the biotechnology- and Chinese Medicine-based industries within Hong Kong and in the Greater China Region. Its mission is to advance applied academic research and to provide the vital link between technology transfer and product commercialization.

  • Plant &herbal extracts producer

  • As a leading plant extract manufacturer in china, Xi'an Huatai Bio-tech Co.,Ltd Specializes in producing and offering plant &herbl extracts,including Octacosanol,Ecdysone,Resveratrol etc.For more information, please visit our web site: Http:// Contact: Max meng E-mail: Fax:86-029-6030234 Tel:86-029-6030149

  • International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology ICGEB

  • An international organisation dedicated to advanced research and training in molecular biology and biotechnology, with special regard to the needs of the developing world

  • G.Kisker - Products for Biotechnology

  • We are supplier of high quality PCR-consumables, Cryotechnology, autoradiography, electrophoresis, UV/Vis- Spectrophotometer, table centrifuges and microbeads

  • Luminometer Grants Program

  • Turner BioSystems donates luminometers to life science research institutions throughout the world.

  • ProteomTech, Inc.

  • ProteomTech, Inc. has developed proprietary technologies around the patented Pt-Fold(TM) methodology for refolding inclusion body proteins. Pt-Fold is enabling ProteomTech to develop exciting protein drug candidates e.g. VEGI (vascular endothelial Growth Inhibitor) and to assist academia and industry refold many of their proteins of interest. Using Pt-Fold means that some drug candidates and/or targets may be made available using E.coli versus a more laborious and expensive methods (e.g mammalian cell). One wonderful attribute of the Pt-Fold IP/process is the ability to be fully scalable, validated and approvabled for human use. ProteomTech’s immediate strategy is to develop protein therapeutics to early stage and out-license their use. Our longer-term goal is to become an integrated protein drug development and manufacturing company. In addition, we have developed specialized instrumentation for our own purposes that we intend to make available to the broader market in time.

  • Qubit Systems Inc.

  • Qubit Systems offers high quality cost-effective equipment for teaching and research in the biological sciences, along with superior custom service and technical support.

  • Scienega

  • Scienega consulting services focus on: strategy and operation of biotechnology start-ups and other, related life science companies; creation, growth and leadership of scientific teams; harnessing genomics, proteomics and other high throughput biology to create a new paradigm for drug discovery; and science and technology at the interface between molecular biology and computing.

  • Turner BioSystems Luminometers and Fluorometers for Life Science

  • The Turner BioSystems team is in place to help scientists learn about, evaluate, and use fluorometers and luminometers. We specialize in the life science applications of fluorescence and luminescence, especially the measurement of genetic reporters, ATP, and nucleic acids. We focus on making sensitive, reliable, and easy-to-use fluorometers and luminometers and on providing responsive technical service.

  • Valentis, Inc.

  • Valentis is focused on the creation of innovative cardiovascular therapeutics. Valentis’ lead product Deltavasc™, is currently in Phase II clinical trials in patients with peripheral arterial disease, a disease with no currently acceptable treatment options. Valentis has a series of technologies that allow the company to generate novel therapeutics to treat a wide range of diseases via therapeutic angiogenesis (stimulation of new blood vessel growth). In addition to Valentis’ cardiovascular programs, many industry leaders are applying Valentis’ technologies for the development of therapeutics to treat a variety of indications including infectious diseases and cancer.

  • I-Bio - Biotechnology in the UK

  • i-bio - the easy way to access a wide range of information on UK biotechnology. Whatever you're looking for, this government-led site can provide you with a rapid and comprehensive breakdown of relevant material and where to find it.

  • Biotechnology Conference in Havana Cuba

  • Topics include animal cloning, mammary gland transgenesis, aquatic organisms, cattle tick control, safety in genetically modified products, transgenesis in plants and animals, plants as bioreactors and business opportunities. Official languages: Spanish and English. November 24-29, 2002 in Havana, Cuba.

  • Biotechnology YES

  • Young Entrepreneurs Scheme Competition for 2002 from UK.

  • Stem Cells to Treat HIV and Other Diseases

  • News article about being able to recreate the thymus, an organ crucial for proper immune responses.,4057,4529578%5E2,00.h...

  • Infoseek Biotech Canada

  • Contains webpage links about regulations, research, companies, careers and events. Created by a partnership between government, private, and academic sectors.

  • Knowledge Express Data Systems

  • Searchable database for publications about technology transfer, patents and proprietary source information.

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