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  • The Genomics and Bioinformatics Group

  • Publications, tools and dataset by the genomics and bioinformatics group

  • The Genomics & Bioinformatics Group (GBG) Web Site

  • The Genomics & Bioinformatics Group (GBG) web site offers useful bioinformatic program packages, microarray data analysis information, and molecular databases for genomic and proteomic research.

  • Biological Language Conference

  • Integration of language technologies in bioinformatics/computational biology research. The biology-language analogy enables novel applications of language technologies to the biology domain, but is to a great extent overlapping with existing other computational biology/bioinformatics applications. The purpose of the Biological Language Conference is to facilitate scientific exchange between researchers using the language analogy approach directly and researchers using other approaches.

  • Ariadne Genomics, Tools for Systems Biology

  • Ariadne Genomics brings the power of Systems Biology to every computer in a lab with PathwayAssistTM for biological pathway visualization and analysis, and MedScan, a scientific text mining tool based on Natural Language Processing. Other Ariadne Genomics products include Seqware, a super-fast PC-based BLAST server, and molecular network databases.

  • Bio-Complexity

  • Private homepage of Frank Emmert-Streib which contains a link collection centered arround Bioinformatics -Computational Biology and mathematical methods to describe biological phenomena.

  • Institute of Bio-IT

  • Institute of Bio-IT is a nonprofit research organization in the field of Bio-IT (Computational and Systems Biology) that has gathered a team of scientists across disciplines in an effort to enable individualization of solutions that will protect life and improve human performance.

  • University of Pittsburgh, Department of Computational Biology

  • This is the main webpage for the Department of Computational Biology at the University of Pittsburgh. We are a research department with multiple distinguished faculty members actively researching various subjects in the field of computational biology.

  • Biological Language Modeling

  • The Biological Language Modeling Group is a group of interdisciplinary scientists that explores the analogy between protein sequences and human languages. The central hypothesis followed here is: The collection of ‘protein sequences’ encoded by the genomes of different organisms are 'written' representations of different 'languages' or 'dialects'. The ability of each protein to 'fold' into a three-dimensional structure able to participate in functional networks of proteins in a cell corresponds to the 'meaning' of a text.

  • DNASTAR, Inc.

  • DNASTAR develops and supports the best sequence analysis software for life scientists worldwide. Analysis tools include: sequence aligning, assembly, restriction site mapping, primer design, BLAST and Entrez text searching, and large data visualization - all running on Macintosh and Windows computers

  • FindAPhD

  • is a comprehensive guide to current scientific research and PhD studentships.

  • matthew lyon's homepage

  • i study plants. i am a graduate student.

  • New Discovery Recruitment Ltd

  • A specialist recruitment consultancy providing a range of tailored services to clients within the scientific technology sector to include informatics solutions providers, instrumentation and robotic specialists, drug discovery companies and major pharmaceutical organisations.

  • Paracel, Inc.

  • Paracel is a leading provider of applied high-performance computing (HPC) solutions to solve the most technically challenging problems. Combining over a decade of experience in bioinformatics, life sciences software and parallel processing, our reliable and easy-to-use integrated turnkey systems and Linux clusters deliver increased performance immediately. This results in a shortened research and product development lifecycle and lowered costs. Paracel has delivered integrated turnkey systems and software to over 500 customers worldwide ranging from government agencies and laboratories, to universities and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Pepttides/ Peptidomimetics

  • A website devoted to helping undergrads brige the gap from organic chemistry to molecular informatics and peptide/ peptidomimetics. Introduction to computer-aided drug design and analysis is also presented.

  • Predictive Patterns Software Inc.

  • Predictive Patterns sells shrink-wrap desktop software products for the analysis of genomic and proteomic data. Our target customer is the front-line investigator who has data and needs a powerful, intuitive tool to analyze it. GeneLinker Gold is a tool for exploratory analysis. GeneLinker Platinum offers all of the functionality of GeneLinker Platinum as well as powerful supervised learning features.

  • PredictProtein - Protein Strucutre and Sequence Analysis

  • Predict Protein is an automatic service for protein database searches and the prediction of aspects of protein structure. You send an amino acid sequence and PP returns: 1. a multiple sequence alignment (i.e. database search), 2. ProSite sequence motifs 3. low-complexity retions (SEG) 4. ProDom domain assignments 5. Nuclear localisation signals 6. and predictions of 1. secondary structure 2. solvent accessibility 3. globular regions 4. transmembrane helices 5. coiled-coil regions 6. structural switch regions

  • The integration of chemistry, biology and predictive sciences

  • Sertanty is offering a variety of databases, software and services supporting knowledge-based drug discovery - from understanding the patent real estate around the target of interest to the discovery of new and patentable drug candidates and from exploring virtual libraries to archiving reaction chemistry.

  • Society for Bioinformatics in the Nordic countries

  • SocBiN is a non-profit organisation for people working with and interested in bioinformatics. One task of the society is to arrange annual conferences on Bioinformatics, of which the first took place April 1999 in Lund.

  • T-Coffee

  • T-Coffee is a multiple sequence alignment package using a novel algorithm, available for Unix, MS-DOS, and Mac OS X. Includes binaries, source, references, and documentation.

  • Systolic Accelerator for Molecular Biological Applications (SAMBA)

  • Processor array for speeding comparison of biological sequences using a parameterized version of the rigorous Smith-Waterman algorithm - from the IRISA, Rennes FR.

  • HealthLink MCW

  • Offers an article on how the Human Genome Project could revolutionize medicine.

  • ALCARA BioSciences

  • Microfluidics arrays ("lab-on-a-chip") for high-throughput pharmaceutical drug screening, multiplexed gene expression analysis, and multiplexed SNP genotyping.

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