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  • Associate Prof. of Physics

  • Arkansas State University Department of Chemistry and Physics Home page

  • Stanley M. Flatté, Professor of Physics

  • Sections include: "Phones, addresses, email", "Schedule", "Research Interests", "Publications", "Postdocs (former)", "Grad students (former)", "Professional societies", "Religion and philosophy, with sections on science and: 1) the first few lines of Genesis; 2) Santayana; 3) Spinoza". Research topics: Ocean Acoustics and Atmospheric Optics.

  • Gravity Made Simple

  • Gravity must be discussed with an open mind Gravity Made Simple uses Time and Motion and the conservation of energy to explain how gravity works. It also shows how gravity in the microscopic world works and how this explains why the universe acts as it does.

  • Prof. Ahmed Amin Hamza

  • Prof. of Physics and Former President of Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt

  • Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Past Public Lectures

  • View past public lectures online. Lectures cover science at SLAC, physics, astroparticle physics and synchrotron radiation research.

  • Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Virtual Visitor Center

  • Explains the science done at SLAC to the general public, students and teachers. Provides virtual tours, demos and explanations.

  • Amherst College Physics

  • The Physics Department at Amherst College. Includes course descriptions, faculty research and upcoming seminar talks.

  • Union of Greek Physics

  • Site with news , books, education, directory, seminars

  • Denisa & Iovitzu Popescu

  • Vita et Opera of Denisa & Iovitzu Popescu: Plasma, Lasers, Scientometrics

  • The Science of Everything

  • Upon discovery of aether, physics of mechanics is now expanded to science of everything. For example, now it has scientific answers to light, gravity, energy, force, stars, universe, etc. It unfortunately further disproves all no-aether-postulations-based theories including modern physics.


  • Designed to serve as a central resource for communicators of particle physics. The site is updated daily with news, information, images and links from the world of particle physics.

  • Femtosecond Group

  • SFI project Femtosecond laser-induced fibre Bragg and long-period gratings

  • Next Linear Collider

  • U.S. physicists are planning with their colleagues a powerful new instrument that will provide a frontier facility for basic research on elementary particles. Stretching some 20 miles, it will smash electrons into their antimatter counterparts, creating exotic new particles from pure energy.

  • BaBar Experiment

  • A particle physics experiment investigating the matter-antimatter asymmetry in nature.

  • Electronic Conference Proceedings Archive (eConf)

  • Provides access to a fully electronic, Web-accessible archive of proceedings of scientific conferences in High-Energy Physics and related fields.

  • SLAC Archives and History Office (SAHO)

  • Provides a gateway to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center’s archival and historical resources.

  • Nobel Prizes in Physics

  • Comprehensive list of Nobel prizes awarded in physics. Includes links to papers by the recipients.

  • TOPCites

  • Yearly lists of the most highly cited papers in the HEP and astrophysics literature. Includes reviews by SLAC and Fermilab physicists.

  • High-Energy and Astroparticle Physics Conferences

  • Collection of meetings and conferences since 1974. Includes links to conference proceedings of past conferences as well as quick searches for upcoming conferences.

  • High-Energy and Astroparticle Physics Experiments

  • Summaries of HEP and HEP-related experiments from many different labs and locations around the world. Includes publications lists and website links.

  • Hepnames

  • Comprehensive directory of people involved in High-Energy Physics and related fields.

  • SPIRES Literature Database

  • Search more than 1/2 million high-energy and astroparticle physics related articles, including journal papers, preprints, e-prints, technical reports, conference papers and theses, comprehensively indexed since 1974.

  • High-Energy and Astroparticle Physics Institutions

  • Provides directory information and links to over 7000 high-energy and astroparticle physics and related institutes compiled daily.

  • High-Energy and Astroparticle Physics Jobs

  • Lists jobs in the fields of core interest to the SPIRES-HEP community.

  • HEP & Astrophysics Reviews

  • A guide to review literature in the field of HEP and astrophysics.Useful articles selected and categorized by physicists at SLAC and Fermilab.

  • High-Energy and Astroparticle Physics Streaming Videos

  • Index of HEP-related streaming videos available online from a variety of sources.

  • Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)

  • A national laboratory which designs, constructs and operates state-of-the-art electron accelerators and related experimental facilities for use in high-energy physics and synchrotron radiation research.

  • Jim Frankenfield

  • A physicist specializing in snow avalanches and seasonal snow. This page has a selection of materials such as links to associations and relevant websites, information on science careers, some humour, a few archived science photos, and info from a past life as a rocket scientist.

  • Linac Coherent Light Source

  • A project to build the world’s first x-ray free electron laser which will permit scientists to explore new domains in the ultra-fast and ultra-small world.

  • Soeren Rutz

  • Includes online copies of his dissertations, list of publications, pictures and a brief list of positions held.

  • Xue Song Rao

  • Research Scientist in the Temasek Laboratories of NUS. Contains information on fabrication and characterization of electromagnetic materials for the applications in microwave frequencies.

  • Thomas Lottermoser

  • Ph.D at the University of Dortmund in 2002 about the magnetic and electric ordering of hexagonal manganites.

  • Tony Ragucci

  • Presidential Fellow in low-temperature condensed matter experiment at Ohio State University. Includes contact information and research interests.

  • KTS Research

  • Roger Vogelsang's letters on his views on contemporary topics in this subject.

  • Seb James

  • PhD from University of Cambridge. Contains history and curriculum vitae.

  • Bernard F. Burke

  • Professor of Astrophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A profile of Bernard Burke and his work in radio astronomy

  • Dan Swift

  • Researcher at the University of Alaska. Includes links to research projects.

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