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  • Software Development

  • Custom Software Development, CMM, UML, Rational, .Net, VB, Java, J2EE, SQL, Oracle, MySQL. Please look at our web site for project informaiton.

  • Alliance Business Solutions

  • The founding members of ABS bring to the company a broad spectrum of industry experience. Collectively they have more than 100 years of accumulated Information Technology (IT) knowledgebase at executive level positions that span across multiple industries and disciplines. Project experiences include Business Process Re-engineering, IT Strategy Alignment, IT Planning, Skill-based Career Management implementation, and many more. Through the fusion of skills and experience of its leaders, ABS is able to incorporate proven engineering, and people management disciplines in the planning, management, and implementation of large and complex IT projects.

  • Aztec Software Inc

  • Aztec is a technology focused software company based in Bangalore, India with global offices in USA and Europe. The company is a part of e4e group that currently employs 1400+ employees worldwide. Since inception, Aztec has been providing total software product development solutions to our global customers in flexible offshore models. Our strong and driving culture towards quality, excellence and customer orientation has ensured continued faith and confidence of all our customers on Aztec.

  • Fiorano Software, Inc.

  • Fiorano's integration and process management solutions are built on the world's only second-generation Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), in which the logical application design is mapped directly to the physical implementation, making the development process more intuitive and easier than that of conventional integration suites.

  • International Journal of Applied Management and Technology

  • The scope of Applied Management and Technology subjects reviewed in IJAMT is diverse. A few examples of the types of subjects that will be investigated by the journal include the use of decision analysis tools and techniques, trends in information systems management, studies in emerging technologies, application of advanced methods of program and project management, and e-business strategic planning. Social sector subjects include public policy, public and nonprofit administration, e-government and a variety of topics related to democratic institutions in a modern global society. IJAMT is committed to providing access to quality research articles in the area of applied management and technology for all interested researchers and practitioners. IJAMT is published online twice each year and is available on the Internet.

  • For-to-Win Consulting Services

  • We make Windows software happen! No late deliveries! No sloppy management! We deliver absolutely top quality commercial-grade software to meet your exact needs! Specializing in Fortran, C++, and Visual Basic development, featuring * rigorous full-cycle project management * competitive bids * extensive pre-project analysis

  • tinytechjobs

  • tinytechjobs is a unique global career web site focused on jobs in nanotechnology, biotechnology, microtechnology, and information technology. It allows job seekers to search through a large database of industry jobs and apply online and it offers effective targeted advertising opportunities to employers. The site also contains many resources for those interested in nanotechnology, including education and research information and links, company information, a calendar of industry events, and links to journals, associations, and societies.

  • The Virtual Worldlets Network

  • The holistic focus organisation for all aspects of virtual reality, synthetic, and augmented reality development. News for developers, resources for the casual observer, and anyone trying to learn more about the field.

  • VITO Technology: software development for Pocket PC

  • VITO Technology is a software development company, maker of such popular applications for Pocket PC as VITO Remote, VITO SoundExplorer, VITO SmartMap and many others. The company is also well-known for its Symbian and GPS software and custom project development.

  • Acadie Soft International

  • Produces multi-technology Graphical Specification Modeling and Simulation (GSMS) tools which produce a graphical description of a project. Details about the programs, training and reference implimentations.

  • PE 2000 for Windows

  • Windows program for calculating fluid phase equilibria in systems with up to 10 components and 3 coexisting phases using 45 different equations of state.

  • RFE3 - RF electric field distributions in biological media

  • 3D calculations of RF electric fields in biological media on conformal hexahedron meshes. Available for Windows and Linux.

  • Engineering Software (EngWare)

  • Windows based applications dealing with energy conversion systems (power and propulsion).

  • Relex Reliability and Analysis Software

  • Provide tools for MIL-HDBK-217, Bellcore (Telcordia), CNET, FMEA, FMECA, PRISM MTBF reliability predictions, and maintainability analyses.

  • TNO Automotive

  • An engineering software (MADYMO) tool that allows users to design and optimize occupant safety systems.

  • LaboSoft

  • Provides software solutions for crystallographic texture calculations and analysis as well as hardware modifications to x-ray texture measurement devices.

  • Adept Scientific

  • A portal for technical software.

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