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  • Access Washington

  • Access Washington is the virtual business center for interactive government services. Designed as a World Wide Web portal to Washington State, Access Washington provides a coordinated view of government information and services.

  • Career and Technical Education

  • CTE is a structured training program that includes direct preparation for employment, cross-training and retraining to upgrade career skills, and career exploration. In general, CTE is offered in the following areas: agriculture, business, computer science, family and consumer science, allied health, retail sales, and industrial and technical education.

  • Deep Foundations Institute

  • DFI is a technical association of contractors, engineers, material & equipment suppliers & manufacturers of the deep foundations industry, bringing them together to learn from each other, creating a better informed, more communicative foundations industry. Our key strengths are: Offering networking opportunities for our members, Communicating information concerning state-of-the-art and new technologies, Offering opportunities for members to influence the industry through volunteer committee publications, & Offering educational conferences, seminars and workshops in the industry. DFI’s basic mission is: 1. To affiliate all persons concerned with the planning, design and construction of deep foundations and protection of deep excavations; 2. To improve and extend knowledge of new ideas and practices of geotechnical design, construction and installation, 3. To encourage and participate in the practical application of research related to deep foundations and deep excavations, 4. To gather, catalog and disseminate information to effect the most economical design and construction for support of structures on deep strata and for protection of deep excavations, 5. To improve understanding by the public and government bodies of the deep foundation industry, 6. To establish contacts with other groups working on related goals in the U.S. and abroad. Learn more about the association dedicated to quality and economy in the design and construction of deep foundations by visiting our website.

  • European Association of Research and Technology Organisation

  • EARTO is the trade association of Europe’s specialised research and technology organisations. Its members make a major contribution to strengthening Europe’s economic performance by supporting product and process innovation in all branches of industry and services, thereby raising the international competitiveness of European firms EARTO represents the views of its members to European decision-makers. EARTO is a forum for exchange and co-operation between its members. It organises working groups, task forces, seminars and conferences.

  • Florida Technology Student Association

  • The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national non-profit organization devoted exclusively to the needs of elementary, middle and high school students with a dedicated interest in technology. Assisting TSA's 170,000 plus student members is a strong support system of educators, alumni, parents and business leaders who believe in the importance of a technologically literate society.

  • High Technology Development Corporation

  • High Technology Development Corporation is a state agency established by the Hawaii State Legislature in 1983 to facilitate the development and growth of Hawaii’s commercial high technology industry. HTDC's core programs and services include a statewide technology business incubation program, the Hawaii SBIR grant and assistance, program, Hawaii's MEP program, Tech Jobs Hawaii, and the Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies.

  • Applied Control Technology Consortium (ACTC)

  • The ACTC provides access to industrially relevant studies, training and awareness events in the field of control engineering for its member companies, who include some of the world's largest international companies.

  • Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy

  • The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy is dedicated to providing analysis, information, and consulting on industry issues relating to public policies and processes regarding spam, email, and the Internet. ISIPP also organizes and sponsors industry forums such as the Email Management Roundtable, and the Email Deliverability Summit.

  • Philanthropy Journal

  • Online newspaper reports on philanthropy and nonprofits, focusing on technology, organizational effectiveness, donor engagement and collaboration.

  • SpinOff Centre

  • Provides information in creation of companies, developing a business plan, marketing resources, legal assistance, financial and accounting assistance and a number of other resources needed for a start-up operation.

  • Tekes, National Technology Agency of Finland

  • Tekes is the main public funding organisation for research and development in Finland. Tekes funds industrial projects as well as projects in research institutes, and especially promotes innovative, risk-intensive projects. Tekes offers partners from abroad a gateway to the key technology players in Finland.

  • Women in Technology

  • Women in Technology assists women students interested in exploring and entering a full range of technological careers in which they are underrepresented.

  • Washington Technology Center

  • WTC is a statewide economic development agency focused on technology and innovation. WTC channels state, federal, and private resources to help companies develop and commercialize new products and technologies. WTC works across all industries and regions. We help maximize and leverage the investment Washington State is already making in university science and technology. No other organization is better at directly and actively maintaining Washington State as a leader in technology.

  • - The Hub For Technology Startups

  • WorkIt is the premier resource of business events and information for technology startups. Now you can tap into the power of networking to make the connections you need to succeed! You can view events on the website or sign up for our free weekly email blast for your area.

  • Latin American Iron and Steel Institute

  • A non-profit organization chartered to safeguard the interests of the regional iron ore and steel industries.

  • Computer Policy and Law Program

  • Striving to answer policy-related questions, and to educate users about ways in which they can take advantage of these technologies without violating ethical or legal standards.

  • Australian Ecogeneration Association

  • About the organization, Australian energy data, and sustainable energy technologies, including cogeneration, renewables, waste-to-energy and distributed generation. Includes upcoming conferences, related links, and other information.

  • International Foundation for Telemetering

  • Provides a central source for airborne telemetry gathering and organizes the yearly International Telemetering Conference.

  • Digital Television Group Home Page

  • The Digital TV Group Promotes digital television in all its forms (terrestrial, satellite and cable) - based in the UK with a world view.


  • The Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center was established by the NSF through its ATE program to promote the development of a world class work force in the semiconductor manufacturing and related industries.

  • Cold Chain America

  • Trade association promoting effective temperature monitoring for the perishable food supply chain. News and food safety links are given.

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers

  • International professional society dedicated to serving its members and the manufacturing community through the advancement of professionalism, knowledge, and learning.

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