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  • Department of Biotechnology - Durban Institute of Technology

  • Department of Biotechnology of the Durban Institute of Technology offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Biotechnology-related disciplines of water and wastewater treatment, recombinant DNA technology, plant biotechnology, fermentation and enzyme technology.

  • Laboratory for Molecular Self-assembly

  • Our lab research activities focus on design and fabrication of new nanobiological materials for diverse nanobiotechnological and biomedical innovations. It is truly in the cutting edge and front of research for producing new materials and devices that will improve our lives.

  • AplaGen Biopharmaceuticals

  • AplaGen is a biopharmaceutical company with experience in immunology, reproductive biology and peptide science focussing on development and production of new peptide based drugs. On the one hand AplaGen works on cytokine analogues and antagonists, on the other hand the company is working on immunocontraception and treatment of auto antibody related female infertility.

  • Babraham Bioscience Technologies Ltd

  • Babraham Bioscience Technologies Limited (BBT) manages all commercial opportunities and activities on the Babraham Research Campus BBT is the wholly-owned trading company of the Babraham Institute, a research charity focused on fundamental biomedical related research Babraham BioConcepts has been created by BBT to provide critical support to new bioventures during the first stages of the technology-to-business translation process, helping originators turn innovative ideas into reality. Babraham BioConcepts is part-funded by an East of England Development Agency grant as a Regional Enterprise Hub. The Babraham Research Campus is being developed and will provide laboratory and office accommodation with access to Babraham’s scientific, technical and administrative services. Building work has begun on BioDevelopment Building 1 with a view to occupancy in January 2005.

  • Clinimetrics Research Associates

  • Founded in 1988, Clinimetrics, Inc. is a global, full service contract research organization (CRO) that offers a complete array of integrated research services including clinical and data management, project management and biostatistics as well as quality assurance, regulatory and medical affairs. In addition, Clinimetrics also provides in-house staff, customized training programs, and integrated travel and event planning services for meetings and corporate functions. With Corporate Headquarters in San Jose, California and Operation Centers located regionally in San Diego, California, Atlanta, Georgia, Mississauga, Toronto (Canada), Maidenhead, United Kingdom and Sydney, Australia, Clinimetrics serves an international clientele of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies.

  • CovalAb UK

  • Comprehensive custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody and peptide services

  • Online Private Offering Investment Site for Advanced Shock Mitigation Technology.

  • Opposing Super Magnet Suspension/Propulsion Shcok Mitigation Technology and the Online Private offering to Fund the R&D.

  • Farago Life Sciences

  • Consulting, Dealmaking, Fundraising, Investment Advise in the Life Science Industry.

  • Glycologic

  • Glycologic develops novel systems for the encapsulation and controlled release of drugs, nutrients, energy and micro-organisms. Ous systems make use of the unique properties of carbohydrates which are versatile, safe, inexpensive and easy to process.

  • Meridian Strategies

  • Meridian Strategies takes your organization to the highest point of growth, prosperity, and success. Using innovative market research methods, we have provided rich insights into growth opportunities for over 100 clients from a wide range of industries. We get the right information from the right people yielding opportunities that would otherwise go overlooked.

  • National Bioinformatics Network

  • South Africa has recently created a National Bioinformatics Network (NBN) made up of a network of nodes and a central node, each situated at a University. The mission of the NBN is to develop capacity in bioinformatics in South Africa, especially among disadvantaged groups, and to perform world-class bioinformatics research. The National Bioinformatics Network NBN is an organisation operating under the umbrella of the NBN Trust which has the following Vision, Mission and Objectives: The vision of the NBN is to place South Africa within ten years in the mainstream of Bioinformatics, then being in a leading position amongst developing nations while benefiting the whole country with all its peoples and its fauna and flora. This vision leads to a two-pronged mission of the NBN namely: To provide the information, tools, research, capacity development and solutions to serve the development and exploitation of biotechnology and the advancement of fundamental life sciences in South Africa, and To ensure that the rapidly accumulating body of information from molecular and high throughput biology is centralised in the country and available to the South African community in ways which accelerate and promote scientific progress and global competitiveness.

  • NIR Technologies Inc.

  • Near Infrared(NIR)Spectroscopy. A near infrared light is pointed at a sample using a fibre optic probe and the reflected signal is processed for absorption or reflectance characteristics. In other words, a chemical fingerprint of a material is scanned using infrared light at a specific point in time. In spectroscopic terms, NIR means the measurement of the wavelength and intensities of the absorption of near infrared light by a sample. The absorption or reflectance spectrum is directly proportional to the chemical composition of the sample. In economical terms, near infrared means fast, accurate, reliable, cost-effective and non-destructive measurements for identification of materials and quality control.

  • Back pain and neck pain patient information

  • provides in-depth information and resources for patients with back pain, neck pain, and full range of spinal disorders. It is the highest trafficked site on the internet for back pain. Physicians refer their patients to for quality unbiased patient education. The site is written and peer-reviewed by an interdisciplinary group of health professionals. Hundreds of original articles, animations, diagrams as well as a physician directory and active message board make the top internet resource for back pain and neck pain patient information.


  • Living and working in Scotland. Provides information on the life sciences and design electronics industries in Scotland. Includes news, jobs, industry background and lifestyle features.

  • tinytechjobs

  • tinytechjobs is a unique global career web site focused on jobs in nanotechnology, biotechnology, microtechnology, and information technology. It allows job seekers to search through a large database of industry jobs and apply online and it offers effective targeted advertising opportunities to employers. The site also contains many resources for those interested in nanotechnology, including education and research information and links, company information, a calendar of industry events, and links to journals, associations, and societies.

  • Wing Quon Enterprise Ltd

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine, Dry Herb, Import and wholesale, Pattern formula from China, Hong Kong, Japan.

  • Phage Biotech Ltd.

  • Bacteriophages production

  • FAO: Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture

  • Features news articles, current projects, an electronic forum, meeting schedule and a glossary of terms.

  • PTC Therapeutics

  • Focused on the discovery and commercialization of orally active small molecule therapeutics for human diseases.

  • Nanotech and Biotech Convergence

  • Conference on synergies developing between nanotechnology and biotechnology. Shows topics and assigned speakers. Contains tentative schedule. May 6-7, 2002 in Stamford, CT, USA.

  • Educational Resource of Biotechnology

  • Explains main areas of the field: microbiology, transgenics, biopharmaceuticals, lab techniques and recombinant proteins.

  • Embryonic Stem Cells and Pictures

  • Human Embryonic Stem Cells isolation and ESCs photos.

  • Hardin MD

  • Selected lists of internet sources in biotechnology, molecular, biology, genetics. From the University of Iowa.

  • Tepnel

  • Offers technology, automation and services to the life sciences research, clinical diagnostic and food testing markets.

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