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  • Doña Ana Branch Community College Electronics Technology Program

  • Doña Ana Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electronics Technology with options in Biomedical Equipment Technology, and Photonics.

  • Factoids on Butterflies and Caterpillars

  • As part of an article on "Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly" that addresses change and transformation of individuals and organizations, we added a section of interesting factoidal information on lepidoptera.

  • Instructional & Performance Technoloyg (Master's Degree), Boise State University

  • The Master of Science in Instructional & Performance Technology (IPT) degree is intended to prepare students for careers in the areas of instructional technology, performance technology, instructional design, performance improvement, training, education and training management, human resources, organizational development, and human performance consulting.

  • school physics, science and technology

  • Kidder Technologies Co2 dragsters, gears, motors, pullys, bridge building, clock making, rocketry, hydraulics, all for classroom training, FREE Catalogue.

  • NASA LIVE: Learning through Interactive Videoconferencing Experiences

  • NASA LIVE is a series of FREE standards-based videoconferencing programs that (1) emphasize the connections between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), (2) increases awareness of careers in STEM, (3) helps model the effective use of technology and develop a professional strategyu for integrating technology in the classroom, and (4) raises the awareness of and interest in NASA student support programs. NASA LIVE connects K-12 educators and students, university and community college faculty and students, adult learners to NASA in an interactive, virtual setting that incorporates multimedia, data, and NASA experts. NASA LIVE events are available upon request. Registration is available online at the NASA LIVE website.

  • The Secret Academy

  • History of science regarding ancient measurement systems.

  • Multiple Choice Online Assessments and Mark Sheet Creation

  • Online Multiple Choice Tests immediately created and shared - Multiple Choice online - Student assessment online - automated generation of online Mark Sheets online training online . Dual server reliability - online marks Emailed to users

  • Technology based curriculum and materals for schools

  • Applied Technologies, a division of Learning Labs, Inc., offers curriculum and materials for schools at all levels. We specialize in Technology Education, Agriscience, Health Science, and Information Technology curriculum.

  • A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.

  • A.T.E. (Advanced Test Engineering) Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to be the single source provider of independent test information, education and consulting services. Formed in 1984, the company has been active in helping the test engineering profession. Through our Consulting services we have assisted a number of manufacturers and supporters of electronics in helping them select the most cost-effective test methods, test equipment and test related businesses. Our Test and Testability Courses have gained wide recognition and have been taught at various universities around the world. Our president, Louis Y. Ungar, introduced what we believe to be the first university level course in automatic testing at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). We have the largest curriculum of test courses offered anywhere, with many of the courses so unique, that they are not available from any other organization. To complement our courses, we have the widest selection of test related text books and software. Whenever a book on test is published, we are one of the first to review it. If we find it valuable to our clients, we post it at this web site and make it available to our followers. A.T.E. Solutions, Inc. has also developed software to assist test and design engineers. The Test Flow SimulatorTM and The Testability DirectorTM are two of our low priced software inventions that assist in developing economic test strategies and assist designers for testability. Finally, The BestTest Directory, included with this web site, demonstrates our commitment that whenever test problems surface, we will provide the information so that YOU can have the Best Advanced Test Engineering Solutions.

  • Exploring the Web: Science Sites

  • A collection of web links for teachers demonstrating some of the science materials available on the web. Other disciplines are included as are tips for searching and citing resources.

  • Future science and technology

  • 30,000 pages and 45 videos on future science, technology, medicine and ethical issues - by Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist. 5 million unique visitors to this site.

  • study abroad

  • study abroad

  • HCMC University of Technology - Vietnam

  • Dai hoc Ky thuat Cong nghe TP.HCM - Vietnam

  • Alfred Bork

  • Recent papers

  • Corporate Sustainability: Governance, Innovation Strategy, Development and Methods

  • This book (ISBN 0-9750436-2-50) focuses on the role of innovation & technology in building environmental, human and social capacity into organisations to foster future sustainable development. Case studies of fuel chain systems, component recyling, biodiversity management, e-business and alternative technology niches are presented in the context of state innovation policy and corporate governance challenges. Designed as a course reader, this book is an excellent introcution to scientists, reserach managers and executives wishing to raise their awareness and skills in sustainabily innovation research and practice.

  • Idaho Tech Prep

  • Tech Prep serves a four-fold purpose: 1) To work with secondary and postsecondary teachers to enhance professional-technical curricula and instruction. 2) To write, coordinate and administer articulation agreements. 3) To provide career guidance and development. 4) To coordinate use of consortia funds.

  • Institute of Textiles and Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Sole textile and clothing education provider at degree level in Hong Kong.

  • Institute of Textiles and Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Sole textile and clothing education provider at degree level in Hong Kong.

  • The Institute of Technology Tallaght

  • The Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland offers a range of courses in Applied Science, Computing, Engineering, Business and Humanities.

  • Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University

  • Kent State University pioneered the modern era of basic research on liquid crystalline materials. Since its founding in 1965, the Liquid Crystal Institute has been the focal point for international research in the field of liquid crystals. This expertise was recognized by the National Science Foundation in 1990 when the LCI was designated as the headquarters of the Science & Technology Center for Advanced Liquid Crystalline Optical Materials (ALCOM). From 1992-2001, ALCOM was a consortium of Kent State University, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Akron. The LCI is unique in concentrating on both basic research and technological development. The following is a list of areas being investigated and the LCI scientists who lead the research: Liquid Crystal Applications (Philip J. Bos) Materials and Devices (L.C. Chien) Defects and Structures (O.D. Lavrentovich) Materials Characterization (O.D. Lavrentovich) Nonlinear Optics (P. Palffy-Muhoray) Electro-optics (D.-K. Yang) Liquid Crystal Device Development (J.L. West) Organic Synthesis (Q. Li) Physical Properties (J.R. Kelly) Reflective Displays (J.W. Doane) Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals (A. Jakli)

  • Let's Go Learn, Inc.

  • Let's Go Learn offers an online diagnostic reading assessment, thorough teacher, parent, and state standards reports, and individualized online reading instruction.

  • MindOH!

  • MindOH! is an e-learning company created to research and develop innovative, measurable character education software systems that effectively decrease discipline referrals, suspensions, alternative school transfers. MindOH!’s Discipline and Life Skills Series (DLSS) and Education Relationship Management System (ERMS) incorporate scientifically based research and flexible operating environments that quantify performance and adapt successfully in education, juvenile justice and youth organization facilities. The Web-based systems are designed to be self-sustaining, allowing administrators to run the programs, identify cost-saving components and generate revenue streams that yield a return on investment.

  • Online hydrogen and fuel cell shop

  • Want to learn about hydrogen and fuel cell. Buy real products online today.

  • New Vision Technology

  • A New Generation Technology innovator for Visual Impairment. Creating and integrating high technology to produce user-friendly and portable assistive products.

  • RCC College of Technology

  • The philosophy at RCC is centred on the students' success both at the college and throughout their working career in electronics and computer technology. The primary objective of all programs offered is to obtain for our graduates the highest possible degree of employability in the field of electronics and computers throughout their careers - the RCC Career Edge.

  • Teachers' Internet Use Guide

  • The Teachers' Internet Use Guide is intended for K-12 teachers who wish to infuse Internet-based activities into standards-based instruction. The site walks you through the four steps of creating clear learning objectives, designing a lesson, implementing the lesson and adding relevant Internet resources, and evaluating the effectiveness of the lesson.

  • Information Technology

  • The Information Technology department at Seattle Central Community College offer six educational options to choose from within the field of information technology. These programs include Programming, Database Design and Administration, Network Design and Administration, Wireless Telecommunications, Web Design and Web Development. Please visit our website for further information.

  • Sierra Blanca Independent School District

  • Public k-12 school district in west Texas. Aligned curriculum in K-Advanced Placemement Chemistry.

  • TechWise

  • Need Computer Training and Certifications? TechWise offers Microsoft, Sun Solaris, Cisco, Oracle, Linux, UNIX, Sun Java, Web Development, CompTIA A+/Net+, Project Mgmt, Security, and MS Office Application training courses. TechWise is a Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center, Sun Authorized Education Center and offers Cisco Authorized training.

  • Test Nation - Computer Based Assessment

  • Test Nation is the definitive system for secure computer based assessment. It is suitable for all age groups from early years through to life long learning and supports a broad range of subject areas. Test Nation is the ideal solution for 21st century homework, revision, curriculum tests and secure examinations.

  • USOE Science Hompage

  • This site is put together for Utah K-12 educators. Utah core curriculum, instruction, assessment and evaluation information is provided.

  • Virginia Space Grant Consortium

  • The Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC) is a coalition of five Virginia colleges and universities, NASA, state educational agencies, Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology, and other institutions representing diverse aerospace education and research. The VSGC acts as an umbrella organization, coordinating and developing aerospace-related and high technology educational and research efforts throughout the Commonwealth and connecting Virginia's effort to a national community of shared aerospace interests.

  • Dawg Bytes

  • Grandville High School Technology Education website. Includes online classes, tutorials, and links.

  • ASCENT Center for Technical Knowledge

  • ASCENT provides custom developed in-class and web-based educational products and services for leading engineering software applications.

  • Elementary Themes: International Space Station

  • Offers material for elementary school study of the station, provided by a Canadian teacher.

  • Henry Krumb School of Mines

  • Department of Earth and Environment at Henry S. Krumb School of Mines

  • Arizona Solar Center

  • Education site about energy, particularly solar energy, other renewable energy technologies and resources, and geothermal energy. A special section addresses teaching solar energy in the classroom.

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