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  • Invention, Marketing, licensing Agent: Harvey Reese

  • Noted marketing agency is looking for exciting new inventions and product ideas for licensing to manufacturing company clients. No fees if accepted. We work for royalty share and are only compensated if successful.

  • 3T RPD Ltd

  • 3T produce functional prototypes using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, enabling their customers to develop new products, assemble, test and trial them, and get them to the marketplace ahead of their competition! We have the largest SLS capacity in the UK, and are in the top 3 worldwide. Parts can be built in single pieces up to 700x380x580mm, and delivered in less than 7 days.

  • Droplet Technology

  • Droplet develops, markets, and supports a powerful new video service platform that provides the world's leading combination of image quality, power consumption, and cost for a broad range of lucrative new broadband video products and services over wireless and wireline networks.

  • Handybar

  • The Handybar: Overview: Annually, there are millions of people world-wide that have either a permanent or temporary mobility challenge. The goal is to maintain one's freedom and independence by way of their vehicle. It is not easily given up. Quite often, the only challenge is the physical act of entering and exiting without assistance. The Handybar can discreetly aid to longer driving independence. The Handybar can also help to prevent falls from occurring during the transfer to or from the vehicle. A portable mobility aid and safety accessory for every vehicle. Handybar: A portable support handle with integrated emergency exit features, [side window breaker & seatbelt cutter] aids transfer in and out of today's lower cars and higher SUV's. Exit features can prove invaluable in an emergency situation. Handybar's universal fit, achieved by using existing door hardware requires no costly installation or modification to your vehicle.

  • Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice (ISSN 1447-9338)

  • The journal publishes articles on innovation research, innovation policy and economic development, research commercialization practice in large & small enterprises, R&D in public and private sector organisations, including: Technology strategy, collaboration and competition Technology transfer and innovation support organizations Corporate sustainability, reinvention and renewal Process and product innovation and diffusion Research management and commercialization Cross-cultural management and innovation Team building and team management Managing creativity and creative teams Government innovation policy and regulation for innovation Managing and commercializing intellectual property Managing virtual teams and environments for innovation Managing organizational learning, knowledge and change

  • JuSTick electro-adhesion surfaces - Place and manipulate your display materials without using another device or substance

  • JuSTick offers a great way of effortlessly creating effective high quality displays. The user simply places an object to be displayed onto a JuSTick board, and as if by magic it just sticks. The beauty of it is that JuSTick works in the absence of pins, glues, adhesive tapes or magnets. JuSTick is a non-tacky, polymer based display surface, which is easy to clean. Anyone involved in creating displays will appreciate the possibilities this presents. The patented JuSTick electro-adhesion technology produces a force on the surface which holds a variety of materials such as paper, posters, glass, plastic and metals. The display materials, such as posters can be held in an upright position firmly and smoothly across its entire surface. Can you imagine the many other applications for this technology? JuSTick offers several products such exhibition display systems, point of purchase (pop) display solutions, education as well as general purpose display and notice boards. JuSTick is becoming popular in boardrooms, exhibition halls, receptions, schools, universities and conference centres world wide. This is a product with a simple solution to an every day challenge. It works and it works well.

  • Missile Defense Agency technology Transfer

  • Browse and search for innovative missile defense technology with strong commercial potential.

  • Ogle Models & Prototypes Ltd

  • Celebrating 50 years in business OM+P provides model making and prototyping services to most industry sectors. Services include SLA, SLS, Vac Casting, CNC and Tratitional Modelmaking. We will work with you & advise the best route for you to take in early stages of product development.

  • Product Development Institute

  • The Product Development Institute is dedicated to helping organizations improve their innovation performance. Led by Dr. Robert Cooper and Dr. Scott Edgett, the world's leading experts and creators of Stage-Gate.

  • Sonacom

  • SONACOM Monitoring the world’s oceans Incursions by sea into restricted or prohibited areas, terrorism, people smuggling, drug running, illegal fishing, environmental pollution… Sonacom is an Australian high-technology company whose scientists and engineers develop advanced, cost effective solutions to address these crucial issues. Sonacom works closely with customers to develop underwater acoustic solutions optimized to meet their specific requirements.

  • Strategic

  • How are the battlefields emerging in the collision of Creativity and Strategy?; Which are the connections between the arena of Innovation and the minds of people and organizations? - "The latitude for innovation has never been broader - if only our minds can stretch to it." (Gary Hamel in "Leading the Revolution")

  • TechBiz Connection is where Technology and Business intersect.

  • TechBiz Connection, one of the largest technology organizations in Southern California, combines the largest and oldest non-profit Internet organization (Association of Internet Professionals - AIP) with a broader technology and business focus throughout Southern California. Our purpose is to support Southern California Technology people, companies and entrepreneurs by providing timely education and networking opportunities. We focus on where Technology & Business intersect; everything a successful hi-tech company would want to do.

  • Florida State University - Technology Transfer Office

  • The Technology Transfer Office assists faculty, staff and students in moving their innovative research results into commercial use in public and private enterprises.

  • Affordable UK Patent Consulting and Drafting

  • UK Patent Consulting from 30 pound/hour and drafting from 400 pound to 1200 pounds.

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office

  • The only official site of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, an agency of the United States Department of Commerce. Provides online access to patents back to 1790 and trademarks back to 1881, e-filing, laws, regulations, guides, international intellectual property protection and much more.

  • Xenia Ventures LP Technological Incubator

  • Xenia Ventures is a technological incubation powerhouse focusing on the initiation, build-up and packaging of start up companies in Israel. Xenia Ventures was founded with the underlying vision that technology and healthcare markets will continue to be, globally, and in Israel in particular, a solid economic growth driver. We believe that within the next 18 to 24 months these markets, which are now showing clear signs of recovery, will rebound, thus enhancing Xenia Ventures' strategy to concentrate in nascent projects. Xenia Ventures has built a comprehensive strategy to capture the seed and pre-seed arena. This includes incubation of projects, focusing on the fields of Information Technology, Semiconductors, Nano Technologies and Medical Devices, and selective follow-on investment in the successful post-incubation companies. Xenia Ventures' founding partners are a multidisciplinary group of entities and individuals with proven track records and significant personal assets encompassing technology, business, financial and legal arenas, and are well connected to the entrepreneurial and venture capital communities in Israel, Europe and the US.

  • Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century

  • Describes the greatest engineering achievements as determined by the National Academy of Engineering.

  • Patent Cafe Advice

  • Chat and inquiries on inventions, intellectual property and innovation for experts and novices.

  • National Inventor Fraud Center, Inc.

  • Information about how to market inventions, patent attorneys and patent agents, and the practices of invention marketing companies.

  • ExpertsOn Innovation

  • Innovation tools, publications, techniques, and creativity enhancing resources for inventing .

  • Patents for licensing and sales. Technologies of: searching, storing and processing data; metasearc

  • Patented technologies of searching storing and processing data; business model in the field of internet advertising and software distribution; metasearch technologies. Patents licensing and sales. Patented inventions for licensing and sales. Commercialization of patents.

  • inventors website - Wessex Round Table of Inventors, club, links and newsletter

  • Comprehensive online source of information for inventors and entrepreneurs, plus free inventors newsletter. WRTI - the inventors club based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

  • Concept-Catalysts

  • Help in problem solving process.

  • Making Licensing Decisions

  • A thorough and free book addressing the many aspects of licensing products to manufacturers (182k pdf file).

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