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  • Arizona Solar Center Main Technology Page

  • Technology for Consumers, Professional & Technical Documents, Downloadable Videos, Books, Solar Products & Services

  • Ballard Power Systems

  • Ballard Power Systems is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of PEM fuel cells. We supply fuel cells to leading companies such as Ford, DaimlerChrysler, EBARA and MGE UPS Systems for use in automotive and stationary power generation applications.

  • Thermal Management Using Nanotechnology

  • CogniTek has developed technology to reduce the size of heat exchangers up to 93% through the use of nanofluids and nanocomposites. CogniTek is applying this technology into the next generation absorption cooling systems with increased effectiveness and significantly lower size and cost.

  • Energy Technology and Environment

  • Development engineers in new products and services in energy, combustion, air pollution control and energy utilisation.

  • idolmotor offical web site

  • world's first inner combustion rotary turbine engine. see consept, prototype, and other information here

  • SuperPower, Inc.

  • SuperPower is developing and scaling up to manufacture long lengths of 2nd generation high temperature superconductor (HTS) wire, along with devices for the energy field including HTS power cables, transformers, and fault current limiters. These devices are expected to be more efficient, environmentally friendly, have higher power capacity and improved performance.

  • Energy NewsData news services

  • Energy NewsData publishes energy industry news in publications that set the journalistic standard for relevance, independence and reliability in western North America and beyond.

  • New solution to electrical energy storage

  • Full-flow-electrolyte energy storage system for solar photo-voltaic, wind generation and UPS applications The TRL-Energy Storage Device is a practical secondary power source. An entirely new energy storage device with unique performance characteristics, and based upon principles differing from those of conventional electrochemical batteries and fuel cells is introduced here. Engineering prototypes are available.

  • Quasiturbine

  • Definition : The Quasiturbine (Qurbine) is a no crankshaft rotary engine having a 4 faces articulated rotor with a free and accessible centre, rotating without vibration nor dead time, and producing a strong torque at low RPM under a variety of modes and fuels. Extremely efficient and compact, the Quasiturbine is also an engine concepts optimization theory.

  • NUCLEAR INDUSTRY Exhibition in St.Petersburg, Russia

  • RESTEC Exhibition Company invite you to visit and participate in the International Specialized Exhibition NUCLEAR INDUSTRY in St.Petersburg, Russia.

  • Russian Fuel and Energy Complex: Regional Aspects - International Forum in Russia

  • Restec Exhibition Company of St. Petersburg, Russia invites you to visit and participate in International Forum 'Russian Fuel and Energy Complex: Regional Aspects' in St.Petersburg, Russia

  • MST a renewable energy company

  • MST led by the "father of the arrow" Mr Dov Raviv promotes the use of CPV in large power plant of 1000MWp to supply up to 80% of a nation electric needs from the sun. MST concept is to use high efficiency multi-junction solar cells in conjugate with concentrator optics capable of 600-1000 suns concentration, all mounted on a tracker which track the sun in 2 axis.

  • Solar Energy Industries Association

  • The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is the national trade association of solar energy manufacturers, dealers, distributors, contractors, installers, architects, consultants, and marketers. We work to expand the use of solar technologies in the global marketplace. Here, you can find out how to get involved as an individual or a solar business, keep up on the latest solar policy news, and find out about contractors and incentives for buying solar yourself.

  • Waterwheel Factory

  • Waterwheel Factory is a knowledge base about waterwheels in history, reference calculations, and the many ways for having your own waterwheel for decoration, gristmill restoration and energy. The waterwheel Factory is the worlds largest manufacture of metal waterwheels.

  • Materials expertise for the gas industry

  • Techniques for materials testing and analysis. Unwanted liquids in natural gas pipes (condensate). Residual quality of 1st generation PE pipes. Poor EF joint by polluted PE pipe. Advice and testing for plastic pipeline builders. High quality butt welds in PEXb pipes. Publications on PE80 and PE100 pipes. Catalytic gas burner. Condensing boilers connected directly to chimneys. Sinter metals for burners. Materials advice on gas appliances. Gastec Hybrid Boiler.

  • Energy Research in Switzerland

  • Access reports on energy supply, accumulation, and utilization. Most materials are in German or French; some in English.

  • Nuclear Energy

  • Personal website with extensive information and links on nuclear energy, how fuel is made from uranium and plutonium, how it is used and how it works, as well as the implications.

  • Energy Storage

  • Information on Energy Storage, including history. Highlights thermal storage. From the U. of Rochester District Energy Library.

  • Stirling Engine and Steam Engine

  • Explains and shows mechanics of these engine systems. Excellent diagrams and photographs.

  • The National Hydrogen Association of Australia

  • Australian hydrogen as the new fuel for the 21st century is promoted on this site.

  • Solar Today Magazine

  • Bi-monthly magazine that covers all renewable energy technologies, including photovoltaics, passive solar and other climate-responsive building, and wind power.

  • Carolina EV Challenge

  • High school students learn about the need for alternative fuels by designing, constructing and racing electric vehicles.

  • CREST on Geothermal Energy

  • Includes an introduction to geothermal energy and its benefits, with related links.

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