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  • Aleous Technology

  • Alternative energy using air power to make electricity to fuel automobles, fuel houses, and factories.

  • 21st Century Radio

  • Radio programs 21st Century Radio and Future Talk, free audio archives, discussing UFO sightings, unexplained phenomena, hidden history, alternative science, paranormal and so much more!

  • Geomantica

  • Earth energy dowsing, esoteric technologies for agriculture, geomancy, Easrth care.

  • Little Farm Research

  • Information and consulting on radionics and applying psychotronic, vibrational energy, and other subtle energy concepts to agriculture and other fields.

  • Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster

  • Inertial propulsion in a simple mechanical device. How discovered, proven, and status. 3D models, animations, photos, video.

  • Antigravitation Engine Site

  • Theory, experiment and data analyses of the engine of the man-made flying saucer.

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