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  • Bede's Library

  • Essays on the historical relationship between science and Christianity especially in the Middle Ages. Argues that that there has been no great conflict between science and religion.

  • The Oz Factors

  • The Oz Factors, by Lawrence R. Spencer, reveals the 12 common denominators of civilization that prevent Mankind from finding workable solutions to the problems of living on planet Earth. 450 pages of investigation into the anamolies of western "science" reveal where we went wrong and how to fix our problems. Spencer reveals the logic of finding workable solutions based on the greatest good for the greatest number, rather than following path of vested interests to doom and death.

  • Lost Civilizations Uncovered

  • Over the past half-century many authors have claimed extraterrestrial intervention in humanity's past. Others claim that an Atlantis-like civilization came and went before recorded history. In these pages we will take a look at theories and ideas surrounding this phenomenon with an eye to skepticism and a mind for truth. We hope to show that the ancient past was a lively place, but one that no one has been able to prove originated with aliens.

  • World Mysteries

  • This web site is privately owned, totally independent, and not associated with any religious group or political organization. Explore with us lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, science mysteries, "alternative theories", subject experts, related books and resources on the Internet.

  • Westward Ho !

  • Prehistoric black explorers in Central and South America, "European" tribes in ancient China, and other anomalous peoples.

  • Afrocentricity as a Quest for Cultural Unity: Reading Diop in English

  • Dr. Greg Moses presented this paper at the National Association for African American Studies in 1995. In it he argues that Afrocentricity is not a provocation of traditional history, but is a balance and a complement to it.

  • Ancient models of thought

  • Page by Wim van Binsbergen including several articles supporting Afrocentric revisionism.

  • Prince Madoc and the Mandans

  • Site by an amateur historian tells the legend of Welsh prince Madoc colonizing the New World, and suggests that the reason the Mandan Indians were intelligent enough to build mounds is because they were descended from white people.

  • The Nubians and Olmecs

  • Article by Clyde Winters supporting an African presence in PreColumbian America.

  • Revision of History in Postwar Japanese Textbooks

  • This study is a content analysis of history textbooks used in Japanese high schools in the postwar era.

  • Historical Revisionism Is Rampant In Our Culture

  • Several editorial essays from the Montgomery County News concerning the revision of history to fit in with what todays' society "wants to hear".

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