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  • Psychic Sense

  • Welcome to Psychic Sense… with Psychic Medium, Doreen Molloy. Do you know what to expect from a psychic reader? Doreen answers all of your questions about the process and also shares excerpts from her upcoming book, PROOF POSITIVE… a metaphysical look at life, death and our very real connections to The Spirit World. All spiritual paths and alternative lifestyles are welcomed here…

  • FastBreed Technologies - Random Thoughts

  • A section of this website is devoted to random thoughts as they occur to me. This can be anythingg from how to create ageless corpses, how to perform ghost torture or how to exceed the speed of light without relying on a single vehicle to do so.

  • Anomalies 101

  • Includes various articles on anomalous and cryptozoological topics. Also, links, poll, sighting databases, and books on related topics.

  • Science, religion or both?

  • Can science and religion agree?

  • Wonderful Articles & Profound Images

  • Wonders, anomalies and mysteries of the ancients, with links to museums, photos, and things of interest. Large list of links to some interesting sites.

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