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  • Northwest Creation Network

  • A creation science resource megasite where you can find an assortment of free curriculum, participate in discussion forums, and browse an exhaustive number of internet references.

  • Frequently Encountered Criticisms in Evolution vs. Creationism

  • Intended to serve as an elementary introduction to the claims some creationists make against evolution. Extensive list compiled by Mark I. Vuletic, of the University of Illinois.

  • Science, religion or both?

  • Can science and religion agree?

  • Evolution vs. Creationism

  • Resources for a course taught at Syracuse University.

  • The Origin of Life

  • Describes why the origin of life had to be by supernatural creation, because life is too complex to arise through natural processes

  • Creation, Creationism, and Empirical Theistic Arguments

  • Contents for essays on scientific and philosophical objections to the theory of evolution.

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