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  • Do plumes exist?

  • Are "hot spots" hot? Are they underlain by plumes? This site discusses the orgin of "hot spot" volcanism.

  • Silicon Dale articles

  • A series of articles, mostly on computing and statistical methods in the geosciences, including critiques of the standard geostatistical methods, as well as advocacy of a 'pure' relational database model. Also an article refuting the mumbo-jumbo (of the kinds that seem to make up much of this site's content) which has no place in science.

  • Geological Anomalies

  • Fossils, formation of coal, Aeolian deposits in Alaska, extinction of the mammoth, nitrate deposits in Chile.

  • Velikovsky Still Colliding

  • A look at how Velikovsky's ideas stand after recent scientific discoveries

  • Apocalypse Aerie

  • Looks into polar displacement, turning of ages, catastrophe myths and the legacy of ancient civilizations. With illustrations.

  • Pole Shift Forum

  • Debates about earth-bound mechanisms that might cause such events as polar shift, crustal displacement, pole wandering and disturbances to the earth's rotational balance.

  • Skeptic's Dictionary: Worlds in Collision

  • "The essence of Velikovsky's unreasonableness lies in the fact that he does not provide scientific evidence for his most extravagant claims."

  • The Velikovskian, A Journal of Myth, History and Science

  • The journal that investigates the works and theories of Immanuel Velikovsky.

  • Godblasters

  • Claiming that geographical imagery created gods and myths.

  • Geodetic Measurement

  • Relations between the cubit, the remen, and geodetic measurement of the earth, also the relation between the stadium and the length of a degree of Latt.

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