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  • Strange Rock With Embedded Manmade-Like Electrical-Like Part

  • My rock with embedded manmade-like component is about 2.5" long, and probably rhyolite. The visible parts of the electrical-like component (about 0.3") appear to be a ceramic-like base with 3 metal pins. I have proven that the component is NOT and XLR connector. No one to date after more than one year of great worldwide exposure (my webpages,, UFO Magazine, Nexus Magazine, Fortean Times, various Newsgroups) has been able to identify either the rock assembly itself or the component as modern manmade by make and model/part number. I truly believe that it is either of alien origin or from a lost advanced civilization.

  • Forbidden Archaeology

  • Dispute over Age of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid. The Ica Stones of Peru. Censorship of "Forbidden" Thinking: Evidence for Mankind's Great Antiquity. Data Rejection: Inconvenient Dating in Mexico. Avoiding Anomalous Evidence in NZ, China and Mexico. Stormtroopers for Darwinism.

  • World Mysteries - Strange Artifacts

  • World-Mysteries - Strange Artifacts deals with ancient artifacts that defy explanation like Piri Reis map, Shroud of Turin, Voynich Manuscript, and more...

  • Truth 2

  • Anomalies on the moon, sun, and Earth.

  • November 2001, Bulgaria - An Unidentified Skull Found

  • The goal of this site is to find someone interested in a mysterious skull found in Rodopi Mountain, Bulgaria in 2001. Includes photos and information about the skull, which some people think may be from an alien being.

  • Ancient Greek Computer

  • Information about the Antikythera Mechanism, which some researchers believe to be an ancient computer; includes diagram, links to further resources, and discussion area.

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