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  • Constitution Society

  • Supports constitutional republican government, history, and law.

  • Etemenanki

  • Where Imagination And Reality Unite: Hacking the reality matrix

  • ParaNet Information Services

  • An archive of hundreds of radio programs and other web-based information on the paranormal and UFOs.

  • - fokus paa det ukjent

  • A norwegian community and discussion-forum of paranormal phenomena in Norway and other countries.

  • European Higher Education Policy and Research

  • Central European higher education and research site

  • James Randi Educational Foundation

  • Investigating paranormal claims and offering a million-dollar prize for any that prove positive.

  • Borderland Sciences

  • Research into Tesla, UFOs, radionics, AIDS.

  • Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research [Princeton University]

  • "To pursue rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes common to contemporary engineering practice." Extremely rigorous experiments with amazing results!

  • Vestigia: Scientific Anomalies Research Team

  • Exploring the world of UFOs, ghost & poltergeist phenomena, cryptozoology, earth mysteries, "spook" lights, and other scientific anomalies since 1976.

  • Chronology, Cosmology and Cognition.

  • New discoveries in the nature of time reveal patterns in energy, biology, evolution and language.

  • Tovi Sciences

  • A body of work by inventor Murray Tovi including a new theory on relativity.

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