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  • Cities of Light

  • As beings of light connected to the field of intention, we have the ability and power to recreate the world in abundance.

  • Alchemy: a bibliography of English-language writings 2nd (internet) edition

  • A comprehensive bibliography of alchemical literature in English, building on the earlier 1980 printed book by Alan Pritchard. Covers core texts on alchemy, the influences of alchemy on, e.g. art, literature, and closely related topics such as Rosicrucians, Hermetism, etc.

  • Alchemical Information

  • Attempts to reconcile alchemy in modern science.

  • Alchemy (

  • A directory of e-mail lists for the discussion of Alchemy, and related subjects.

  • Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher

  • A brief history of Giordano Bruno, the spiritual alchemist who was burnt at the stake by the medieval Church.

  • Different Periodic Table, Includes four unacknowledged elements.

  • The Mowery Periodic table challenges the accepted table. Links illustrate the periodic progression of paired Configuration, Components and other measurements.

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