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  • Our products, projects and referances are listed in our web site. English version is coming soon.

  • CSIM - C-language based multi-entity simulator

  • ATL's CSIM is a general purpose discrete-event simulator for multi-entity and block diagram oriented systems. It has graphical support and several libraries for queuing systems, intelligent agent modeling, data-flow modeling, and hardware/software architecture modeling.

  • GDT Software Group

  • GDT Software Group is fast grown software designer, develops and distributes the program products for CFD and visualization. The main products of the company are computational package GasDynamicsTool (GDT)® and visualization system ScientificVR®. GDT is intended for numerical simulation of gas-dynamical processes within a broad range of initial and boundary conditions. Jet flows, 3-D internal/external aerodynamics problems, ballistics, combustion and detonation are only but a few of the phenomena to be modeled with the help of this package. ScientificVR® is the attractable tool for fast and high-quality visualization of numerical, analytical, experimental data and or data from other origin.It has a number of unique features that makes it outstanding tool for PC platform.

  • Thermal Solutions

  • CompAS provides state of the art software and services to help thermal process industries produce quality parts more efficiently.

  • Multibody Dynamics Simulation

  • Our multibody dynamics simulation package can be used with Simulink to model any mechanism ranging from a nutating gyroscope to a many-bodied satellite. Its dynamics engine is based on Lagrangian formulation. It accomodates forward, inverse, flexible, contact and control dynamics problems

  • FEA Shareware

  • FEA Shareware. Programs developed by the author for his research, and released for public use. Please acknowledge use of this package in any works which use it. Four programs COSHELL - Linear stress, buckling, and vibration analysis of stiffened composite cylindrical shells using the Layerwise Shell Theory. Modified Riks method used in postbuckling algorithm. COBEAM - Linear stress, buckling, vibration, nonlinear and post-buckling analysis of laminated composite curved beams using the the Layerwise Curved Beam Theory. ORTHOSHELL - Nonlinear bending analysis of orthotropic plates and shells using higher-order shear deformation theories. NODSEC - Linear approximate analysis of box-girder bridges.

  • DsysD Ltd

  • DsysD focuses on modelling and rapid-prototyping within embedded systems industry. We specialise in introducing simulation and rapid prototyping into development processes to obtain advantages modelling tools promise, but do not always realise. DsysD offer process consulting and custom software development to make this happen, and have extensive experience with Statemate and Rhapsody in MicroC.

  • HailCalc - Hail Damage Risk Assessment

  • HailCalc provides insurance and reinsurance companies the possibility to model hail losses on property and motor portfolios. Our probabilistic hail loss simulation software allows the user to obtain accurate hail loss scenarios and optimise insurance and reinsurance structures through probable maximum loss (PML) estimates.

  • IRS Pollution removal & Automation

  • IRS develops software systems for measurements, automation and pollution removal.

  • KISSsoft AG - Calculation software for machine design

  • KISSsoft AG produces software tools for the rating, sizing and optimizing of machine elements, such as gears, shafts, bearings, bolts, springs, and so on. The tools provided cover simple calculations for a single machine element up to complex models of a complete power train or gear box.

  • CSIM 19

  • CSIM 19, from Mesquite Software, is a fast, fully functional, proven software toolkit for programmers who need to simulate the performance of process-oriented, event-based systems. CSIM 19’s native C/C++ environment poses only a slight learning curve to programmers, integrates easily with existing programs, and executes quickly with low overhead.

  • Simulation and Optimization

  • ObjectART offers software-tools (Pla(i)n) and support in the area of analysis,simulation,modeling,planing and optimization of production- and logisticprocesses.

  • PhoeniX software for micro- and nano technology

  • software for micro- and nano technology

  • Powersim Software

  • Powersim Studio is a tool for developing dynamic simulation models, based on System Dynamics. Powersim Software's technology allow for modeling of any kind of business or technical problem. The simulation model is created using a graphical modelling language.


  • EZSIM is a general purpose discrete event simulation software that may be downloaded and used free of charge.

  • VisSim Software

  • Use graphical block environment to mathematically model dynamic systems. Free trial download

  • Visual Simulation Software

  • VisSim lets you create block diagrams of dynamic simulations of things like electric motors, yeast growth, blocd flow and pressure in the heart and lungs, air vehicle trajectories, 6 DOF flight simulation, controller optimization and more. Free trial downloads with demos.

  • Open Dynamics Engine

  • ODE is a free library for simulating rigid body dynamics (e.g. ground vehicles, legged creatures, and motion in VR environments).

  • R & B Enterprises

  • Product information about a variety of Golf simulators.

  • Webots

  • Allows creation of 3D virtual worlds populated with multiple simulated robots. Supports customized wheeled, legged or flying robots. Includes API for robot control, physics, a complete library of sensors and actuators, and communication capabilities. Proprietary, commercial software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems.

  • 3D Solar System Simulator

  • A Java applet that shows an interactive 3D representation of the planets and satellites of the solar system.

  • Scalable Networks

  • Network simulator designed from the outset for maximum speed and scalability, with real-time simulation as an achievable goal.

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