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  • technical information on data networking and communications

  • technical information on data networking and communications

  • Copernio Corporation

  • The Copernio Corporation was founded in May 2001. Staffed almost exclusively by aviation, semiconductor, replication and consulting professionals, Copernio was founded with the premise of bringing cost effective, highly customizable IT tools and consulting practioners to the marketplace in a timely fashion. Since its' founding, Copernio has broadened its' product offerings to include warehousing, logistics, and in-flight services. Additionally, Copernio's asset management and access management tools have found adoption in industries as diverse as transportation, high-tech, military and defense and food services/aero catering. With offices in major hubs around the world and United States, and warehouses throughout the Pacific Rim, US and the mid-east, Copernio has become one of the industries fastest growing companies.

  • Data Translation - specializing in data acquisition and imaging hardware and software

  • Data Translation, Inc. is a world leader in Data Acquisition, Image Analysis, and Machine Vision hardware and software products.

  • GORATEC iRemote

  • Automatic image data acquistion and processing tool. The purpose of iRemote is to simplify and automate high speed infrared image acquisition and processing.

  • WXSat (Freeware)

  • WXSat for Windows 3.1/95/NT, decodes the signals in the APT format from NOAA, Meteor, Okean, Resurs, Meteosat and GOES Satellites (AM) with a Soundcard

  • Hi-Techniques, Inc.

  • Hi-Techniques manufactures a complete line of data acquisition systems, transient recorders and software for the automotive and aerospace markets.

  • High-tech electronic solutions limited

  • High-tech electronic solutions limited is a total solutions provider provides software and hardware development, integration, testing, and contract engineering services for small to mid-sized projects.

  • Information Security Writers

  • The Information Security Writers group (Infosec Writers) is designed to serve as a primary Internet-based source of information, relating to various Information Security issues and topics. The site has been organized to satisfy the needs of the IT/Security Professional, who can be more accurately classified as the writer or the reader. Although working with & promoting established authors and organizations of the industry, one of our main objectives is seeking the unknown professionals who write. Most of the site’s content is generated by these people willing to share their knowledge and experiences via original white papers, articles and projects. The Infosec Writers is the only security group to recognize and reward such contributors for their efforts through a monthly best-security-papers contest, which was launched in summer 2003. While targeting writers, we simultaneously serve readers, who may be the novices or experts seeking information on specific topics. For this, a library database is available with categories that include cryptography, email security, exploitation, firewalls, forensics, general security concepts, honeypots, IDS, malware, wireless security and more. Our E magazine, the Hitchhiker’s World, caters for those interested in open source/coding projects relevant to security technology; and also invites personal commentaries on various issues such as perspectives of the security world and hacking culture today, and more.

  • KineticaRT Fast .NET Instrumentation Components and Tools

  • KineticaRT develops software components and applications for fast visualization, SCADA, automation and test. Kineticart also offers a collection of .NET components. Windows .NET Forms Controls: BarGraph, Button, Dial / Gauge, Multi-Needle Dial / Gauge, Display, Frame, Indicator, Knob, Picture, Slider / Linear Meter, Multi-Needle Slider / Linear Meter, Trend, XYGraph. Logic components: Channels, Expressions, Filters, Message. Server components: OPC Client, Simulate.

  • DemoGraphics Software for Population Education & Research

  • DemoGraphics, DemoTables, and DemoTools are three state-of-the-art software packages for population education and research. Section: Demography, Sociology, Geography

  • DirectShow based Computer Vision

  • MontiVision offers a wide range of DirectShow (DirectX) based hardware independent applications and development kits for high speed image/video processing, computer vision and barcode recognition (Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and linear Codes).

  • Software configurable data acquisitions and control

  • DataStation is the world first software configurable data acquisition and control module. It's 16 channels can be configured as digital inputs, digital outputs, PWM outputs or analogue inputs - giving 391 possible I/O configurations form a single device.

  • WINview Data Acquisition Software

  • WINview Series data acquisition software is compatible with most analog to digital PC plug-in boards, while our WINview CP Series software is compatible with most RS-232 instruments. It is real-time software, used for acquiring, viewing, alarming, controlling, storing and retrieving data.

  • TALtech - RS232 and TCP/IP Data collection Software

  • Capture data from laboratory instruments directly into Excel, Access or any other Windows program using "WinWedge" data collection software. Interface RS232 instrumets directly to any network with TCP-Com software.

  • Tekscan, Inc.

  • Tekscan unique pressure sensing systems use thin, flexible, high-resolution sensors for a variety of applications where accurate, details pressure distribution measurements are required. All of Tekscan’s systems consist of sensors, data acquisition hardware and software, calibration protocols and analytical features in the software. The innovative Tekscan Windows based software also provides for frame-by-frame playbacks, played like a "movie" and shown in either 2D or 3D display. Easy to understand pressure analysis graphs enhance your evaluation.

  • Virtual Instrumentation for PCs

  • Low cost hardware attachment turns PC into a versatile Data Acquisition or Control System allowing the PC to operate as an Oscilloscope, Data Logger, Controller, Chart Recorder, Waveform generator and many other virtual instruments

  • Asset Management Software

  • Deeply configurable browser based asset and service management software. Multiple user security and menu profiles. Sql Server and Oracle database. Capable of complete recustomisation into scientific, monitoring, evidence management and results data management systems.

  • Wise Technologies

  • Software development for image processing, signal acquisition and analysis.


  • A supervisory control and data acquisition system for the MS Windows NT/2000/XP OS.

  • Vista Control Systems

  • Offers a suite of software tools for real-time process control.

  • Windmill Software

  • Data acquisition and control software for Windows. Site includes free software to link RS232 serial instruments to Excel.

  • Augustyn + Company

  • Develops and offers database software to organize, process, display and deliver the types of time-sequence data typically collected in environmental, meteorological, and solar/renewable energy monitoring networks. Also offers consulting in solar energy applications.

  • Simple Communications Tools

  • Software and hardware tools for interfacing legacy equipment to modern wireless and internet capabilities.

  • ProgramBL

  • Universal RS232 driver. Trial version available for download.

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