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  • Automated Testing Specialists, Inc.

  • Experts in Test Automation Solutions

  • TalkAbout(TM)/Service

  • TalkAbout/Service is a solution platform for mobile service-workers that enables the most natural method available, the human voice, to enter data and retrieve information from existing applications. The TalkAbout solution platform supports voice interfaces for dispatch, work order, materials, crew, and sales force functions.

  • Asset Management Tracking and Maintenance

  • Track deployable assets on and offshore Owned or rental equipment. Preventative Maintenance and certification Requirements held against each serialised asset. Operational modules to cater for Job Repairs, SOP, POP Stock, BOM Fixed Asset Register etc. Contact tel no +44 (1224) 586855

  • DPSI Maintenance Management Software

  • DPSI is a leading provider of enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Since 1986, DPSI has provided 50,000 end-users at 6,000 organizations in 50 countries with an EAM/CMMS solution.

  • EnergyTrax

  • EnergyTrax from Alliant Energy Integrated Services provides facility and plant managers with easy-to-use, intuitive reporting and tracking of monthly energy usage and cost information.

  • FleetWise VB - Maintenance Management Made Simple

  • Full featured maintenance management software package for vehicles and equipment. Includes Inventory Control, Repair Orders, Tire Management, Vehicle and Equipment Tracking. SQL Server database or Jet Database.

  • *** Munir Brothers U.S. Inc. ***

  • Munir Brothers is an Islamabad-based distributor of computer products to VARS, OEMs, and system integrators in the Pakistan, Spain, and U.S.A. Since its venture into the foundry business and subsequent expansion into computer accessories distribution, the company has continued to expand as the PC industry progresses. As a result, the company has implemented vertical integration from a sole printer accessories distributor to a multi-product line distributor, with products encompassing CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, floppy drives, keyboards, modems, monitors, motherboards, networking, power supply, speakers, and other PC peripherals and components.

  • Open Source Software Institute

  • The Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the development and implementation of open source solutions within U.S. Federal, state and municipal government agencies and academic entities.

  • Building Maintenance Scheduling Software

  • Low cost software for scheduling maintenace on multiple buildings or for a single building, shop, home, or business. Easy to set up and run to create weekly schedules and record storage.

  • Caron Engineeringis

  • Caron Engineering offers manufacuturing and engineering companies a single source for the custom development, design and assembly of tool monitoring, servo and process control, and now offering their Tool Monitor System.

  • Fast Email Verifier

  • Checks a validity of e-mail addresses in databases, address books , spreadsheets or any other mailing lists.Nothing is sent to the recipient.

  • Item Software

  • Engineering solutions for the Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety (RAMS), and Quality Assurance fields.

  • Plant Maintenance Resource Center

  • Links to maintenance-related software packages.

  • Kakari Systems

  • Provides preventive maintenance software IGOR and solutions for maintenance departments of various industries.

  • Symology

  • Supplier of Highway One for Highways, Properties and other land-based assets. UKPMS Tranche 3 Accredited.

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