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  • GORATEC IR Observer

  • Body Temperature Monitoring Software (SARS) Developed to visualize human skin temperatures, the IR Observer may be used at airport transit points or building entrances to assist in screening individuals as they pass. Together with a state-of-the art infrared camera like TVS 700, IR Observer images the facial area in real time and ensures highly accurate skin temperature readings. Measurements are non-invasive and made without physical contact with the subject. When a subject registers a skin temperature outside a pre-set value, an alarm will trigger to alert the operator of a potentially abnormal condition. The complete IR Observer system is highly portable and can be set up and operational in minutes. After initial setup, the station can run continuously for monitoring temperatures. Operation is simple with minimal operator training required.

  • Medical Dictionaries online in 20 Languages

  • This Medical Dictionaries web page has about 1,690 links to medical dictionaries, information sites & medical glossaries twenty languages. Of these, 560 are in English, 289 are in Spanish, 209 in French, 112 in Portuguese, 105 in German, 90 in Dutch, etc.

  • XTerm Medical Dictionary

  • Medical dictionary presented in a handy, easy to use application that includes a search engine with wildcard and incorrect spelling searches. The database of medical terms is updated once a month and the software features a function to easily download and add these updates.

  • - Picture the Pharmaceutical Industry in Panorama Mode

  • strives to present you the whole picture of Pharmaceutical Industry. Topics of interest include Pharma, Biotech, and Nanotech companies, Sales and Marketing, Product Management, R & D, M & A, Strategic Alliance, Pharmacy, HMO, Regulatory Compliance, as well as Healthcare info, Investment in Healthcare stocks, and etc.

  • Foot and Ankle Research Consortium, Inc.

  • The Foot and Ankle Research Consortium, Inc. (FARC) is the leading publisher of podiatric medical educational software. Since 1995, we have been producing the most effective and innovative method of preparing for ALL the Podiatry Board Examinations. This includes: The American Board of Podiatric Surgery, The American Board Of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine, the American Podiatric Medical Specialties Board, and the PMLexis. (Now includes the latest information for all Board Recertifications). Our board simulation software has been purchased by over 4,025 Podiatrists and is the most popular computer simulation of the written and oral podiatric boards examinations on the market. The Keystone Board Examination Simulation Software, by FARC, Inc., guarantees that you will "Pass the Podiatry Boards" 770-448-0769 (ph) 775-361-8831 (fx)

  • Nature knows best

  • This is the site of the 'SCIO', the most advance system in the Energetic Medicine. The 'SCIO' is a biofeedback device that operates with the 'Clasp32' software to evoke the potential of an organism energetically balancing it. The system has both EEC and FDA registration.

  • Medical Dictionaries and Spellcheckers

  • Medical spell checkers for MS Word, medical terms dictionaries, disease/treatment data reference.

  • Hardhats Around the World

  • Promotes open source product VistA developed with USA Veterans Affairs. A user community that is developing the software further. Details how to download, how to join group and links to articles.

  • Psych Software Vocabulary Tutorial

  • Downloadable software with vocabulary tutorial on over 250 psychiatry and psychology terms. Runs under Windows 95/98/NT.

  • Open Source Software for Better Health Care (Spirit)

  • Open source news and software for health care. A virtual community and meeting place.

  • Patient Information Generated by Loosely Intelligent Techniques (PIGLIT)

  • System generates personalised, hypertext explanations of patient records, for patients. Papers and demonstrations, and related links. (University of Glasgow)

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